25 x Mountain Bread Packs

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About The Product

Mountain Bread is the thinnest bread in the market. Great for healthy wraps it recommended by fitness experts and nutrition experts across the country.

This flat bread is Australian owned with its manufacturing facilities in Melbourne and comes in 15 varieties like Chia seeds, oats, Rice and Rye.

The bread is Cholesterol Free, and Yeast Free and most varieties are a source of Omega-3 with all the health benefits that come from it.

Product Reviews

Amanda, Como WA


I could not believe the varieties available for Mountain Bread - I truly believed there was only a couple of types - I was wrong! Some of the packs provide amazing recipes that I would never had thought of - so versatile, healthy and kind on the hip pocket (and of course the hips). The texture is strong yet not "doughy" which is brilliant for wraps (I thought that was all they were good for until I saw the recipes). My favourite is the Corn variety - although I think that they are all suited to most recipes and I will be trying out something other than "wraps" for my next meal. Thank you Mountain Bread for adding some variety to my diet. Amanda. Perth WA

Melissa, Southern River WA


very yummy bread that goes well with many dips and meat as well..love the variety of breads available especially the oats variety

Dianne591, Glen Eden QLD


Wow, where do I start. I have seen these breads before but never tried them. I am so glad I made the decision to now. They are so light and thin, but yet tasty. I have used them for quite a number of things but my teenage son's and my favourite is as a salad wrap. This has become a staple in our lunch boxes.
I no longer eat bread, I have replaced them with Mountain Bread, and due to there being so many varieties, it's easy to make the decision that they will be a necessity in our house from now on.

J05, Diamond Creek VIC


I've purchased Mountain Bread for myself before (Rye) and really like it, so it was nice to try some different flavours. Whilst all flavours were enjoyed, Tomato & Basil was definitely the favourite with my children.
Apparently Mountain Bread freezes really well but mine didn't last long enough to test that out.

SmittyDitty80, Googong NSW


For such a thin bread it was surprisingly strong. I was worried it would break when I went to use it but no problems what so ever. The tomato and basil flavoured wraps weren't overpowering, it added variety without affecting the sandwich fillings. The natural organic wraps were the best wraps I've tasted. I really enjoyed this product. The wraps make a really good, healthy alternative to bread. I highly recommend Mountain Bread!

Chiara, Casino NSW


My family really enjoyed each type of mountain bread we were sent. Both of my young sons enjoyed eating wrap sandwiches opposed to slice bread, and often asked for seconds. I found the bread easier to digest, I'm not a celiac however I have a slight intolerance to bread so normally avoid it but was able to enjoy the mountain bread. I would recommend this product and will definitely buy these again.