25 x Lonvitalite Facial Cloth Masks

About The Product

Do you feel like your skin needs some R&R from the everyday world?

Don’t have time to pop into the salon once a week? 

At last a product that helps you to fulfill your dehydrated and tired skins needs and all within 20 minutes once a week.

We all have constraints on our time. Many of us don’t have the time for heavy beauty routines or visits to the salon. Well Lonvitalite has the answer – a cloth mask that will have you hydrated and revitalised in three simple steps;

1.      Open packet

2.      Apply to face – (and continue the activity you were doing, or fold, or vacuum, or treat yourself to a relaxing bath)

3.      Remove from face and place cloth in bin.

It is that simple. A product that can be used while you are doing your day to day tasks. A product that can be used according to your skins demands. A product that thinks of you before you do. Lonvitalite is the leader in cloth mask technology and will have both your beauty regime and your skin naturally perfect. In no time.



Product Reviews

DD96, Wynnum West QLD


I love the product. I went to a friend place and we all had one each all own skin full great. I love the hand glove my hand look good nice and soft we all would buy the product and do it over .
love it....love it . it was great to wash off face . and we put it in the fridge it was very fresh on the face. thank you letting my tried it ........Dee-Ann

anniericho, Forster NSW


The products made our skin feel clean and soft. Usually have very dry skin after a face mask. With these products my skin was hydrated.
I recommend using these masks on a regular basis.
The hand mask, was the best, coming from a gardener. Have used many other hand exfoliators but this was fabulous.
Thanks Lifestyle for choosing our family for trying these special masks. Lonvitalite is the BEST.

Lucia41, Worongary QLD


really enjoyed this product, was easy to use and apply to the skin, and made my skin feel so soft and clean, best product!!

vvi07, Yarrawarrah NSW


I was so surprised with the result. I assumed it would not be as nice, but I felt refreshed after I tried the mask and my skin feels great the next day too.

It's a really simple process. I was able to watch tv and shop on the computer whilst the mask was on because of the unique design. And as I said the results were wonderful.

I used the C2 Collagen mask, and I feel that it has really made a visible difference to my skin. And I received a heap of compliments at work today, so it must be noticeable by others.

Thanks for a great product.

Leanne138, Burdell QLD


I like this product, it is so simple to use so there is no excuses as to why you can not use it.
I popped it on after my shower it was so easy. my skin felt so clean and refreshed afterwards.
The only thing that was a negative was that the mask was a little bit big for my face, if they had smaller masks then this would be perfect for me. Apart from that it is a great product and would love to use it in the future.