25 x Gray Disappear

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About The Product

There are many dangers of using hair dyes and products containing parabens, including increased cancer risks among women. After Jasmine Abedi, one of the founders of cosmetic company Generation Klean had a cancer scare, she and her partner JD Larson formulated Gray Disappear.

"Gray Disappear" is a compact, easy to use hair mascara which covers gray hair in between salon visits but is paraben, sulfate and glycol free. It also contains panthenol, Vitamin E and other natural waxes. It is applied with just one stroke of the brush across the hair strands, dries quickly, and washes out with shampoo or makeup remover. In fact it is so easy that even men can use Gray Disappear to cover up any gray hairs found on their beard, mustaches and sideburns

Gray Disappear can even be used to add temporary highlights or cover roots. Gray Disappear is a very popular product in the United States and was featured on the television news program “The Today Show” and the television talk show “America Now,” and the nationally syndicated television talk show “The Doctors." It was also named the best product for mum’s on NBC Universal’s ivillage.com. It is a favorite of many A-list celebrities, television directors and producers – contact www.generationklean.com

Product Reviews

Elizabeth446, Moulden NT


This is a terrific product. It really works! I used it to disguise the grey hairs around my temples and was surprised at the amazing results. I used the blonde shade and would thoroughly reccomend it to everyone. Convenient to keep in your bag for emergency touch ups.

SA_Greg, Adelaide SA


My wife and I both found this to one of those products you think to yourself, "Why didn't someone think of this before!" Great for day to day touch-ups, but amazingly convenient when your away on holidays or business for a quick fix when you really need it. A style saver.

Rhonda194, Officer VIC


This is such a great product. I started getting a few white hairs in my late 20s and I wish this product was around then. I have dark brown almost black hair so the white hairs really stand out. I find it does a great job covering up white hairs that start to appear in between my salon visits.