25 x Grand Designs Australia Series 2 DVD's

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About The Product

The second series of Grand Designs Australia introduces even more ambitious new homes and the dedicated Aussies building them. With a filming period of over 18 months Grand Designs Australia, hosted by award winning architect Peter Maddison, follows the highs and lows of constructing some of Australia’s most elaborate homes in often inhospitable landscapes.

The series, which is now available on DVD, follows everyday Australians on a journey from the initial creation of blueprints to the long and often arduous task of turning these bold designs into practical and beautiful living spaces.

Grand Designs Australia Series 2 is available on DVD from all leading DVD retailers (RRP $39.95)

Product Reviews

Cathymg, Wyoming NSW


Loved watching this.
I love seeing the ways we are all different when it comes to building and styling our personal spaces and homes.
The insight some have into the finished project from only the plans is admirable and also being able to be different from the normal run of he mill housing.
So many great ideas can be born from this series to help with your own designs.
Thank you
Cathy Wyoming NSW

madison27, Port Germein SA


i loved this show as it shows me how people go from day to day building a new home and all the houses are so beautifully done at the end and i now really want t bulid my own home one day later down the line and i will be watching this dvd again for ideas and i will be buying the 1st series so i can watch that for ideas as well an i really think that every one should watch this as it is an australian tv show and it would give great ideas to any one that watched the show

missblonde18, Berkeley Vale NSW


What an awesome DVD - my favourite show! I really enjoyed every single episode and had such a good time watching the good times and the bad - what a journey. Such an interesting and enjoyable program!! So inspiring too

Stephen73, Dubbo NSW


I thought Grand Designs Australia ,series 2 was great.I really enjoyed watching the whole series.And really each and every desigh were unique in there own desigh.I even picked up a few small idears that i can do in my own home. Iwould highly recommend people to watch the series,im sure they would enjoy it as much as i did.


Stephem Fairbank

Imogen, Barwon Heads VIC


As a fan of the original UK series, I was intrigued to see the aussie version. And there was a little trepidation too, given that there would be no Kevin! It took about one episode to adjust to the different host, but Peter Maddison does a great job. He has many similarities to Kevin, but definitely injects his own personality into the show (a refreshing change from the awkward and grating attempt by the aussie Top Gear hosts to recreate the characters of their UK counterparts exactly). The houses are interesting too with a good range of styles and stories. As with the UK series, I enjoyed following the evolution of each house as it grew from conception to reality. I have to admit we watched this pretty much consistently over a number of evenings rather than any routine TV or other DVDs, and then were very sad once we'd watched them all! I certainly can't wait to see series 3 and catch up on series 1!

Merryl142287, Bilambil Heights NSW


I am loving this series. It is really interesting to see the whole process of building a house from start to finish. This series would be great for those that are yet to build their dream home as some of the concepts are quite different and a lot of new ideas could be generated from watching the series.

I am not going to build another house but I found the series great because I love watching how problems were overcome and the buiding process.

Wendy, Mundoolun QLD


What interesting viewing. I loved this series of Grand Designs Australia. I highly recommend this dvd to anyone who enjoys beautiful locations and likes watching a building come together from the ground up to form one of these unique homes. Breathtaking australian landscapes with amazing masterpieces, this series was loved by the whole family.

Jane521, Kelso NSW


Setting the bench & raising the bar are two phrases which come to mind after watching just a taste of what Australia has to offer when it comes to house design. What we in visage & the way we deliver these concepts into a building capacity is undoubtedly up there with the best.

Grand Designs series 2 has given Australian viewers an informative & almost tangible experience, as we are taken on a journey into some incredible architectural builds Australia has to offer.
Host Peter Maddison embodies the whole building process & takes us on the ride. His explanation of certain building concepts & there function makes it understandable for those of us whom are not in the industry. The insight given into the lives of those building there dream homes is both inspirational & informative. You almost feel as if you are on their journey also.
From the walkthrough plans of the desired idea's, the materials & processes to be used & the passion & design to fulfil a dream, makes it more possible for other Australian's to achieve too.

On a whole this series has been cleverly delivered with vast eclectic choses in homes revealed to us. Host Peter Maddison is both thoughtful & informative in his role being able to show us how building can both inspire & create others to dream.
It only makes me want to build & create & aim to have the fulfilment & joy that those seen in this series have been able to achieve.

I would recommend this series to everyone, even those whom are not design & building enthusiasts. Just for the sheer fact Australia can produce such a high standard of building brilliance is clear to say we want more for our lives buy making our homes more than just a building ,but a lifestyle.

Jacquie, Seaford Meadows SA


I loved the first season and was thrilled to get the second season on DVD, and I wasn't dissapointed. I love seeing the transformations and the also the stories behind them. For fans of the first season, I think the second season is even better.

Michele5, Chelsea VIC


Host Peter Maddison assembled a diverse range of homeowners who were building their dream homes.

I enjoyed watching properties being developed in different locales from tropical Queensland to country Victoria.

Prior to watching this series, I never considered that 50s-70s architecture styles could be beautiful. I have since changed my mind.

The most heart rending story was about an older couple who lost their home to a bushfire. At an age when most of us would be retired, they continued to work their farm and also did most of their own housebuilding. Kudos to them.

Charlene20, Hepburn VIC


Excellent series containing some lovely properties and awesomely designed houses. Some were a little ambitious but hey I guess thats why they were selected as a part of the series. I would love to live in or own some of these properties and seeing them finished always holds a certain - WOW factor!

Imogen, Barwon Heads VIC


Absolutely love this series! Although of course lacking Kevin of the original British version, the presentation is excellent, the houses are amazing and the quality of the show outstanding! I also found in many ways the houses and projects more relevant, being set in the Australian environment. Thanks for the opportunity to review the DVD of Grand Designs Australia series 2 and can't wait to see more series ASAP!

astone, Hornsby NSW


It is awe inspiring the ideas and concepts that people can dream and then turn into reality. No matter what obstacles areput infront of these people they find a way to triumph and turn thei dreams into reality.

kazza2, Terrigal NSW


I attended the grand designs show in Sydeney, had a great time but felt I didn't get to see all there was to see. After receiving the DVD, I could watch it over and over again and get a better understanding and greater ideas of new and upcoming products for my home. If you are looking for design ideas, and don't have time to go out and shop in show room, this :DVD is the perfect option. You will never miss a grand design when watching this, and the ideas are a plenty.

jonmic, Traralgon VIC


Well done series with very interesting mix of people and homes. Peter Maddison can be a little irritating as he sometimes talks over the homeowners when their trying to answer him. Overall..good series.

Tony, Cannington WA


Great DVD from a knowledgeable presenter giving insight into the mind of builders and how they create the magic they do from scratch to the final product. Loved it!

Sheree41, Oakden SA


I thought it was a very informative DVD which would appeal to anyone who is renovating, building or decorating. Great team of industry experts talking topics from lighting and heating to floors and colours.

Elizabeth626, Cherrybrook NSW


Grand Designs Australia Series 2 is a well made set of programs that makes you feel as if you are involved in the construction of the houses from beginning to end. The usual designs and settings of the homes adds to your level of interest. The vision behind the designs of these homes, not only in their pursuit of the perfect house but also in the way in which it interacts with the environment is amazing.

Peter Maddison shows great insite into the issues surrounding the design and building of these houses, although he does not show quite the same passion that Kevin McCloud does.

A great series that I would recommend everyone watch.

Aleisha, Cullen Bay NT


I just love this show, and all shows like it. I'm not sure why, there's just something about them.
It follows a diverse range of people and a diverse range of elaborate properties. Something I could only ever dream of - an enjoyable watch!

denise226, Caringbah NSW


What some people do with their houses is truly amazing. After watching this series I looked at my 1970s style three bedroom suburban Sydney house and wondered if I would ever have the guts to do what some of these homeowners have done. I suspect not. The blood, sweat and tears that go into renovations is truly inspiring. Peter Maddison presents honestly and I can't wait for the next series - in which I will not be appearing!

Natalie , Oyster Bay NSW


This was my first time seeing a series from the Grand Designs franchise so I was keen to see what all the fuss was about. Peter Maddison comes across as a very amiable host and certainly knows his architecture stuff! It's inspiring to see the end results especially after seeing all the work that goes into it. Grand Designs Australia is a show that I'd definitely recommend and watch again.