25 x Gametag Devices

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About The Product

Gametag was invented by an Australian mother sick of her children losing their expensive DS games.

Gametag keeps the games attached 24 hours 7 days a week even while they are being played.

Get one and stop losing your games. Holds 8 games with extra tags available.



Product Reviews

lol cherry, Emerald QLD


This is a fantastic item keeps all my games together and i dont have to worry about losing them as they are all together contected to my ds. My nephew who is 6 sore it and has his eye on it so i let him use it and now i can not get it back so i now know what i will be getting him and his brother for there birthday this year thanks so much highly recommend this item it is GREAT!

Louisemcd, Jamisontown NSW


This product is the best invention.
It gives me peice of mind to know that all the expensive games I bought for my son is not going to go missing and best of all it stops him from constantly asking me where his games are.
Great product.

Sharee5, West Pennant Hills NSW


What a great product! Such a simple yet very effective way of keeping track of all the games and never leaving them behind. The search for lost games is now over! I love the fact that it was invented by a mother, right here in Australia. Yay!

Reena68, Concongella VIC


Terrific Idea, all DS house holds should have one, I wish we had one 6 months ago instead of using one of those containers that holds all the games the kids weren't using because the container got lost or stolen with all games in it, All but the one in the DS, with Gametag we would still have all those games.

Trudi, Hervey Bay QLD


Found this really handy! Saved us all alot of time looking for games. Really great having all the games together, quick and easy! Fantastic idea!!

Jacquie, Seaford Meadows SA


I have to admit, I was very sceptical when I first opened the packaging, thinking that there was no way the games were going to stay on to the little sticky tabs. But I have been pleasantly surprised, so much so that I have gone out and purchased another gametag for my other daughter. What a brilliant invention! When we are going out the kids can just grab the DS and everything is there, no more searching everywhere looking for games (which are never put back in the cases)and we will never lose a game again. The kids love that all the games are together attached to the DS, so when they have finished playing with one game, they just pull it out and grab the next one.
I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has a DS.

Jean37, Murray Bridge SA


my child loved this game holder, everything is kept safe and all in the one place
thankyou for a great product

Daniel1978, West Moonah TAS


This is an ingenious way for my kisd to keep all of their games together, and attatched to their consoles. As they live between two house, they were constantly leaving games behind and not having them to use in their other house. Now they can keep it all together and its one less thing that we all have to worry about.

Kellie97, Kelso NSW


What a clever, simple product that saves you so much money! Never loose your little DS game cartridges again! Very happy with this product and I have been recommending this Gametag device to my friends to save the stress of looking for lost DS games. It keeps them together in a safe, never to be lost place again!! Thank you!

leesah8293, Salisbury East SA


it is a real clever idea and a must have for any parent who has a Nintendo ds in there house. it is also handy for when your kids want to take their ds to a friends house or school . i love it

Caseyplum, Mirriwinni QLD


Great concept. The games are all attached to the console, so I haven't had to search high and low when the kids want to play a game!! Extra game tags are also really easy to attach to the Gametag device.

Danieller, Greendale VIC


Great concept. Nice to not have games spread all through the house. My three year old struggled with it a little but it does say on the box that it is for 5+

Ivanaz8, Cooranbong NSW


very handy for kids who keep loosing games keeps them organinsed