25 x CustomIcing.com.au Edible Image Cake Toppers

About The Product

Create delightful cakes & cupcakes for any occasion with CustomIcing.com.au Edible Image Cake Toppers. Custom Icing have been making personalised edible icing images for home bakers, professional cake decorators, pastry chefs and catering & event companies all over Australia, for over 6 years. Custom Icing is an Australian family business based in Werribee, Victoria.
Custom Icing has easy online ordering available 24 hours a day, fast and reliable delivery options and premium customer assistance when you require it. Over 40 different shapes/sizes/image combinations of Custom Icing available. Every order has easy to follow detailed instructions, so you don’t need any experience to decorate beautiful cakes. No need to spend $100’s on a celebration cake or cupcakes. You can create exactly what you want with CustomIcing.com.au edible image cake toppers for a fraction of the cost. Custom Icing edible images do not contains gluten, nuts, egg, dairy, soy or any known allergen. They are made with real sugar icing and highest grade food colouring. There is loads of information on the CustomIcing.com.au website and if you have any further questions, they staff are more than happy to assist. Try It, Rate It winners will be provided with a sheet of 30 Mini Cupcake size Custom Icing edible images with their image!

Product Reviews

Kate1240, Margate QLD


I was impressed from the start with my CustomIcing Mini Cupcake images. They arrived in perfect condition in a postage box that could not be bent by any postman - and therefore could not be damaged by them. The instructions provided inside gave me a very clear idea of what I was doing and I was able to use them with no confusion at all.

The transfers were easy to use, and looked fantastic on my cupcakes! It was the simplest cake decorating I have ever done! The real verdict was when my children saw the cupcakes - they were so excited and just kept staring and saying 'Wow!!". The taste got their tick of approval too!
Knowing that they were gluten, dairy, egg and nut free gives me confidence that I can serve them at my children's parties without a worry too.

I am definitely a Edible Images convert - it saved me so much time and I know how stunning a CustomIcing cake image will be later in the year for both of my boys birthday parties too.

Curt, Cronulla NSW


I decided that I was sick of the stale sponge cakes served up for work birthday celebrations. So I got the custom icing labels and thought what can I do to shake things up. So I used a provocative photo of me holding the AFL premiership cup to inspire my co workers. I purchased 30 cupcakes from my local baker and set about placing the edible images on it. The instructions provided I would say were idiot proof. Of the 30 that I placed on the cupcakes, only one did not go to plan. When I took them to work, what would normally be a gloomy return after a Christmas break descended into a raucous fun way to start the year with a positive energy level. Colleagues took great delight in biting my head off, commenting about the seamless taste and texture between cake and topper.

Marnie7, Camberwell VIC


My mini-cupcake toppers turned out amazingly!
I got them for my dad's 60th birthday and he absolutely loved them
The photo was turned out fantastically. My photo was a bit too dark to use but the team at customicing lightened it for me perfectly!
They were a bit more complicated to put on than I had expected but the instructions are clear and easy to follow
I checked out the prices on their website and they are definitely worth it. I'm sure I'll be ordering more for future birthdays and events!

Caroline56, Noosaville QLD


Better than I could have hoped. It was perfect timing for my niece's 16th birthday party.
I sent Michelle from custom icing an email with a choice of 3 pics of the birthday girl of different ages when she was little. I was totally blown away when all three pictures were used.
The pictures looked great on the fresh made cupcakes by my nephew and they were a hit. Everyone thought the pictures were so cute. A great idea for a special occasion.

harryz67, Mordialloc VIC


I was very excited to have been chosen to Try It Rate It for this product. The company contacted me and asked me to send in a photo of what i would like done. I couldn't decide what to send them so i sent in 2 pics of our "furry Kids" Whiskey and Clyde the cats. Michelle emailed me and said that they had made 15 of each pic and to expect them within 5 days. They arrived in 2 and when i opened them up i was so very impressed with the clarity and quality, they were as good as the photos i sent them and looked great. They came with very easy to follow instruction on how to remove them from the backing paper. They came off very easily after following the instruction and looked unreal on top of my cupcakes. the images were so good that it was a shame to eat them, but we did, and although they added that special look to my cakes, the taste was not compromised by the image. I have recommended this company to my family and friends and plan on using this idea for the next family get together. The website is great to look at and the toppers come in all different shapes and sizes that would suit any occasion, the prices are very reasonable for the quality of the of the image with quick delivery.

Michael172, Hillcrest QLD


Very Good
The Photo looks great
They Taste Great
Everyone is very impressed

Sam_123, Caringbah NSW


This is the first time I'm rating on a personalised product, so I hope I do it justice. The product I'm reviewing is 25 x CustomIcing.com.au Edible Image Cake Toppers. In winning this product I was very impressed with the time it took to receive product and the product. I took advantage of my son's upcoming birthday and sent his photo in. I was extremely impressed with the result. The Toppers were as clear as the photo sent. The instruction were very helpful and gave you lots of troubleshooting solutions. I would recommend this product to all my friends and family. Awesome product!!!

chunkyduck, Wellington Point QLD


The custom icing edible images I received were of a very good quality both visually and taste. the photos were exactly as I had sent to them. It was very easy to upload the photos and the product was dispatched very quickly, arriving for my daughters birthday. Every one was impressed with many people asking where i had got them from, so the extra brochures came in handy. I would use this company again for a special occasion.

Jinjjer, Weipa QLD


My Edible Image Cake Toppers were a lot of fun. I chose a nice vibrant picture, and the finished results were excellent. Custom Icing sent the toppers quickly, and in great packaging. They arrived with detailed instructions on removing the toppers from the backing, seeming to cover all scenarios, but mine were easy to peel off. They applied easily to my cupcakes, and were really tasty! Overall a great product, and I will order from them in the future.