25 x Craybands Brights & Glitters Bargain Bags

About The Product

Craybands are replacing your traditional hairband with a fashion statement.

Craybands are for girls and women whose busy lives require an on-demand hairband, which sits stylishly on the wrist when not in use. The non-snagging, durable elastic, that doesn’t leave dents or damage to your hair or wrist, is not only functional, but truly fashionable too.

Paired with your favorite bracelet, the Craybands become an instant fashion accessory. Available in a huge variety of colours and patterns to complement any style, they are affordable enough to mix and match with every outfit and look great stacked with your favourite jewellery or as a statement on their own – in your hair or on your wrist!

Available at selected boutiques and online at www.craybands.com.au

Craybands also cater for wholesale and corporate clients. Craybands can be customise for all your promotional needs.

Less Damage More Style!

Product Reviews

Anne23, Morley WA


Love the Craybands,easy to use as it can be used on your wrist or your hair.I will surely buy the product in the future as gifts for families and friends,affordable price.Love the colours and they are quite strong to hold my hair.Really really love the craybands

Alice231, Norfolk Island NSW


Love them , I would definitely buy these in the future .Beautiful bright colours, thought they would be great for my daughter , but I love them .The price is very reasonable for how many and all the different sizes and styles you get in a lovely bag.I highly recommend these fun , bright craybands as I allways am looking for hairbands, normal hairbands get really tight and don't look that great around your wrist this way stylish and practical .I would be more likely to buy these in store as you can how soft they are.Customising them is a fantastic idea for school and sport fundraisers . Love it.

Loonie8, Capalaba QLD


To give a honest review of craybands I gave them to my 12 year old granddaughter so she could share with her friends at school. The all have shoulder length hair or longer. They used them to put their hair up, the bigger craybands they used as headbands, they tied a few together and had multi coloured ties and plaited them through their hair. The thing that all the girls said was they found them easy to use and it was good not to have the rubber bands pulling their hair when they took their ponytails and plaits out. The girls loved them and for tweenagers getting into new fads and still be fashionable that speaks volumes. I would buy craybands for all my granddaughters to use and that would keep their hair healthy as well.

Shelley123, Tuart Hill WA


The bag of craybands I received was instantly snapped up by my daughter. She thought the colors and range was great and very easy to use and have on hand since they can comfortably be worn around the wrist. She has long hair and it finds it handy to have a few bands on wrist to keep her hair out of the way during the day. We would probably purchase the bands and the $20 price tag seems reasonable for the Bargain Bag as the quality of the product is great. We would more likely purchase the craybands in a retail store as it makes it easier to see exactly what it is you get.

Nicole1662, Moolap VIC


WOW, these craybands are so cute! first off, the range of colours and patterns are great. the glitters are my fave. My 13 year old sister came over last night and she was obsessed as soon as she saw them.
my hair gets so knotty every night as wear it in a bun, i cant stand having it out. and every morning my hair is a big knotted mess on the top of my head, dreadlocks and all. But, with the craybands there have been no knots! its amazing!
i have noticed that they stretch after a few days, but you can put another knot in the band, so its really not a problem at all.
another thing i like about them is that companies can get their name/logo printed on them for special events ets. its the perfect product fundraisers like the mothers day run.
I'm going to try out the craybands on the weekend for my netball and basketball games so i can see how they hold up. I'll let you know how they go..

Melinda338, Redcliffe WA


I would purchase Craybands in the future as they are a good hair band in pretty and fun colours!
I liked the plain colours, but not the patterns (spots, writing, arrows etc.), I felt they were a bit too young but I think a younger audience would really enjoy them! I myself also did not like the headbands, but my friend who does competitive running really likes them as they were comfortable, kept her hair out of her face and were funky!
I would not pay $20 for the Bargain Bag, I am a university student so I cant warrant spending so much on hair ties.
I only wore them in my hair, I didn't like them on my wrists. I felt it looked a bit childish almost (I'm 18 so prefer a nice little bracelet if anything) but loved them in my hair!
I am really pleased with the quality and consistency of the product, they actually exceeded my expectations!
I would recommend Craybands, I even shared some with my friend as she was interested with them when she saw them in my room! I would be most likely to purchase them in store as hair bands are something I only think of when in the haircare isle.

Linda379, Cecil Hills NSW


After sharing craybands with my nieces we all found them to be a fantastic easy to use product. The different range of colours were great as yo could mix & match according to you outfit either using the craybands as a hair band or around your wrist. We agreed that the cost of $20.00 for the bag is good value and that we would buy these at that price. Truthfully I wasn't sure what craybands were at first but I have not only recommend these to other mothers but I've given them one to try. It doesn't matter whether you buy them online or in a store as the prove is in trying them. Thank you for allowing me to try craybands, they are a fantastic product that I would gladly purchase .