About The Product

The New Atkins Nutritional Approach is a scientifically formulated, four-phased carbohydrate controlled eating plan for safe and effective weight loss, weight management and healthy living.
The New Atkins Nutritional Approach is a LOW carb, not NO carb – and advocates the consumption of plenty of ‘good’, healthy carbs from sources such as vegetables, low sugar fruits, nuts, legumes, whole grains and dairy, at the same time eliminating ‘empty’ carbohydrates from refined and highly processed foods such as white flour and sugar.
The program is totally free to follow –register at www.atkins.com
There is wealth of free, online support at www.atkins.com including recipe suggestions, meal planners, nutritional guidance and more.
To help maintain a low carb approach Atkins developed a range of tasty bars and shakes which are available at leading supermarkets and pharmacies.  Apply now for your chance to try and rate some of the Atkins low carb products.
The basic principles of the New Atkins program are centred around:
Eat plenty of vegetables, protein, fruits, nuts, dairy and healthy fats
Scrap sugar and refined carbs - Eliminating empty carbs from processed and refined foods such as white flour and sugar is essential for good health, appetite management and weight control
Getting physical - Explore and incorporate enjoyable physical activities into your lifestyle

Product Reviews

Amber346, Albion Park NSW


These products were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! They were so delicious and they were a lovely edition to my current diet. I don't know what else to say other than that I loved them!

Ali103, Roseville NSW


This was my first review and what a great one.
These really surprised me, as a sweet lover, in particular chocolate, I've never tried the healthy version of my favourites.
These were great sizes, not too big nor too small.
The taste was really good - I couldn't tell the difference between my normal sweet treats and these - in particular the mint bar and chocolate candies were the winners for me.
Will definitely be buying these in place of other regulars.

wendymick, Brighton TAS


I was pleasantly surprised how they tasted.You wouldnt know that they arent the real thing. Loved all the flavours and I will be definately be purchasing them in the future

CDubz, Waterloo NSW


This pack arrived and it came at the right time.
Running around with a 6 month old means I rarely have time to eat properly and will usually grab junk food on the go. Having one of these bars in the morning or afternoon to give me a boost and fill me up as I got on with the rest of my day was perfect. Combined with healthy eating for all of my other meals and I was feeling lighter and healthier each day. I will definitely be seeking these products out to continue using them combined with my lifestyle.

Paul1109, Alyangula NT


I was really excited to get a chance to trial this product. I have tried many protein/health bars over the years and decided I wasn't really a fan. The Atkins bars have made me reconsider this view. This product doesn't leave a filmy residue in your mouth and actually tastes really good. The variety is amazing and I felt like I was having an indulgent treat rather than making a positive treat choice. Definitely fulfilled my cravings and I will certainly be reaching for this brand in the future.

Alycia, Aspendale Gardens VIC


What a fantastic product!!! Super filling protein bars and low in cals! Great as a pick me up snack, fits easily into the handbag and doesn't get squashed.
They all taste naughty, but a quick check of the dietary info quells my concerns. The caramel nut chew bar was my fav - it tastes like a Mars bar (and try it straight from the fridge- delicious!!!) and just 100 calories. Even hubby loved the Choc-mint bar :) The chocolate candies are a yummy treat and hit that 3pm snack craving on the head.
As a protein bar connoisseur, I will definitely be buying the Atkins Bars and snacks on my supermarket shop

Amanda1425, West Ryde NSW


The Atkins range has quite large in variety and their products are quite delicious. There were a few products I did not enjoy but there were lots that I really liked and would purchase again.

I especially like the Day Break Hazelnut Crisp Bar, full of flavor, crunch and satisfaction but not the calories! I liked having this as a guilt free snack during the day.

I also really enjoyed the Endulge Caramel Nut Chew bar. It taste similar to a Picnic or a Snickers bar but with a lot less calories, only 138! I found it to be a really satisfying treat, either to hold off the hunger pains or as little dessert treat.

The only product I don’t enjoy was the Endulge Milk Chocolate Candies and the Endulge Peanut Candies. They tasted very sugary and not very chocolaty.

Overall I would recommend the Atkins range, they are low in sugar, carbs and fat and most of the products taste great.

Linda762, Docklands VIC


My favorite was the Chocolate Hazlenut Crunch Bar...delicious. Had a great mouth feel and the crunch was what you really crave.

I also enjoyed the chocolate covered candies. Better tasting than the popular M brand and better for me.

I feel that with treats like these I will be able to begin the Atkins approach to weight management.