25 x Atkins Packs

About The Product

The New Atkins Nutritional Approach is a scientifically formulated, four-phased carbohydrate controlled eating plan for safe and effective weight loss, weight management and healthy living.

The New Atkins Nutritional Approach is a LOW carb, not NO carb – and advocates the consumption of plenty of ‘good’, healthy carbs from sources such as vegetables, low sugar fruits, nuts, legumes, whole grains and dairy, at the same time eliminating ‘empty’ carbohydrates from refined and highly processed foods such as white flour and sugar.

The program is totally free to follow – register at www.atkins.com


Product Reviews

Nicolette2, Mawson ACT


I tried the Atkins bars, they taste just like regular chocolate bars. You wouldn't guess they were a diet treat. It was like eating a kitkat and Mars bar. I would love as an suggestion to have on the packaging how much less sugar and fat you are consuming so you can feel really good about having your treat.

Sharon1551, West End QLD


I was lucky enough to be selected to try the Atkins treat bar set. Treat is exactly what they are. If you are always hungry and eat way too many snacks then these are for you. I’ve been having one in the morning and one in the afternoon and find they are so filling that I am eating less lunch and less dinner. They are easy to eat at my work desk or on the go. The bars are all different and yet they are all delicious. They are rich, full of flavour and very chocolatey and totally satisfy my usual cravings. My favourite is the caramel although it is a hard choice. I have recently found them in my supermarket as I have now become addicted and have almost run out. I am also impressed with the meal planner, recipes and information received about the treat brass I always want to know what is in what I am eating. As a result I have become a convert and am keen to expand into the whole Atkins diet routine and look forward to loosing some more kilos.

Sharon West End

Madelyn17, Raby NSW


I absolutely loved this product. The bars and chocolates were very delicious and I couldn't believe they were healthy for me. I particularly enjoyed the chocolate bars, which tasted like actual chocolate. I have tried other weight loss bars and products before that honestly had no taste and were pretty bland, however Adkins products have great flavor and don't make you feel like you are losing out by not eating a chocolate or another unhealthy snack. My body has also thanked me for eating these bars instead of my usual snacks which aren't good for me at all. I feel like I have more energy and less bloated. I will be definitely buying Adkins products in my weekly groceries

Sophie43, Woodridge WA


I loved the Atkins pack! Not only is it healthy but all the different flavours tasted amazing!

jgmennilli1, Coorparoo QLD


I was pleasantly surprised, they are all really nice. Especially the ones like a Kit Kat.
I would recommend them.

Catherine202, Fairlight NSW


I tried some of the Atkins Bars - Day Break, Advantage and Endulge - in different flavours. The bars were filling and delicious, the flavours were good without being too sweet despite being chocolate, nougat and caramel.

I would definitely try these bars again, they supplemented my normal eating by giving me a snack I can eat in between meals that is nutritious and low carb.

Also, the guidance that comes with the bars is very useful, and provided me with tips and tricks to maintain a health lifestyle while indulging in a treat!

Sarah2294, Mooroopna VIC


Loved trying the Atkins range, they were delicious . My favourite was the chocolate break away . They we're full flavour , sometimes with the low carb they lack flavour but no they were all lovely. A sneeky snack you can feel good about eating . They filled you up also , so you didn't have to keep going back to the cupboard for more. Thank you. 5 stars

Annamaree2, Marcus Beach QLD


I was very excited to receive this wonderful selection of Atkins products and I was hoping that they would taste nice and not have that dry, chewy, healthy taste. I was in for a treat.....a real treat. All of the Atkins products taste amazing.. so much so that its as if you are sinning.
I have no doubt that most people would agree with me and find all of the products to be very tasty.
The only negative for me and this is purely a personal thing, I suffer from migraine headaches at times and sadly there was something that was in the Atkins products that sparked the migraines with me. It could be anything and its just something personal. I react with vintage cheese and the scent of Vanilla which are things that I love but just cant tolerate and of course it doesnt mean that there is anything wrong with the products at all but just that my body wont tolerate them which I was not impressed with at all because as ive said they taste amazing.
If you are looking at a way of controlling your weight or perhaps help in dropping a few kilos then give these products a try. Im sure you will love the taste as much as I do.

Shanelle18, Mulgrave VIC


Atkins Advantage bars are surprisingly delicious meal-replacements bars. The Chocolate Decadence bar is just like a chocolate bar, without the guilt that normally follows after a such treat! Easy to throw into your bag for morning tea or lunch - Atkins Advantage bars are a healthy alternative during a busy working week. Would definitely recommend!

Jade442, Spring Hill QLD


The snack bars did hit that sugar craving mark, but didn't particularly make me feel full.
The chocolate decadent bar is amazing for the first bite... then you feel ill trying to finish it. Same goes for the caramel nut chew and chocolate mint bars.
The cappuccino nut bar is super yummy and would recommend these, even if your not on the Atkins diet.
The mlik chocolate break is literally like a low sugar Kit Kat. Be prepared to eat all three little packs at once.

Maybe I lack the discipline, but if you are prepared to stick to the meal plan, I don't see why it wouldn't work. I understand the whole premise of carbohydrates being non-essential (unlike proteins or fats), however I love my bakery far too much to stick to this diet.