25 x 2organise Term Planner’s

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About The Product

The ‘2organise Term Planner’ is a simple, easy to use way of ensuring you know what everyone in the family is doing on any given day and it’s based on school terms not months. Bliss!

Many of us are constantly juggling the chaos and demands of modern life...

..the kid’s schedules...sporting commitments...school projects and the remnants of a social life!

Things can slip through the cracks regardless of our best efforts or intentions.

If only organising and planning could be easy. Well ...now it is.

The 2Organise Term Planner allows you to simultaneously see each person’s schedule so that clashes are avoided and planning is streamlined and stress free, not just for the month, but for the whole term!

Designed by two busy mums, it’s being tried and tested and proven to work.

Here’s what others are saying;

"I bought one last year... and it saved my sanity!"

“My wife and I have used your planner and we think it is fabulous."

"Thank you for producing a product that has helped develop my daughter's planning skills and provided her with confidence to navigate through year 11”

Try it for yourself! Found at Officeworks or online at www.termplanner.com.au

Product Reviews

Melissa711, Banksia Park SA


As a mother of 5 children the term planner is going to be a great way for everyone in the house to know what's going on instead of me having to tell or remind constantly! Thankyou you have saved my voice & my sanity because now if someone asks what's on etc I'm just going to point to the '2organise' term planner!
Maybe my husband will even know what's going on too! Haha!

Amanda, Mckinnon VIC


Wow - what a great calendar & planner! Fits everything for our family of 4, plus I kept a row for "general" notes like birthdays, anniversaries, daylight savings changes, etc - so now everything is in the one place for next year!! Fantastic idea & so easy to use!

Jean37, Murray Bridge SA


This is a excellent product
Very easy to use and understand
The seperate coloured sections made it easy to see what is happening each week, and will definatley keep my family organised in 2012

Cherie46, Berwick VIC


What a great addition the '2organise Term Planner' would be to any busy household during each term. I really loved the way there was a colour coded legend provided so that each member of the family can be added to the planner and you can see at a glance what the plans are for the day, week or even term. With so much to do and so many places to be at once this term planner is a must have to help take the pain out of juggling so many commitments at once!!!

Antonietta72389, Tenby Point VIC


I am an Executive Assistant by trade and I am very impressed with product. At first I thought I would use it for work but decided to use it for home & family. I have personalised it with dates both pertaining to work (board meetings etc) as well as personal & family appointments and reminders, even out Seeing Eye Dog breeder will have all her appointments and expectant dates slotted in. This is a great product and highly recommend it for both business and home/personal purposes!
Maybe some colour stickers to get the kids more involved would add a bit more fun