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About The Product

Starlettos are the latest clever and fashionable accessories for stiletto heels, designed to stop your heels sinking into the turf at the races or on the lawn at a fabulous wedding. Starlettos help you avoid getting those terrible aching calf muscles or toppling backwards on the lawn (not good when you’re trying to hook that hot race-going male or a gorgeous groomsman)! They also stop you slipping on the dancefloor.

A Unique Pairing Of Form And Function: The patented and unique design ensures Starlettos perform the task in hand to perfection, while keeping the glamour and fashion appeal of your shoes intact. They fit most narrow heels or stilettos (8mm-14mm). No other product on the market does the job as well and looks as good!

Ingenious and Fashionable Design That Fits All: Starlettos are made from strong, yet pliable materials and are designed to fit most slim heel sizes and to go with any colour. Being almost crystal clear, once fitted, they can actually appear to take on the colour of the shoe.

In four tones – new Crystal, Sparkle, Noir and Rouge. There’s a Starletto to suit every shoe.

www.starlettos.com.au RRP $19.99.

Product Reviews

buffii68, Macleod VIC


easy to use, works a treat, i love them..

Melissa, Clovelly NSW


What a fabulous idea! A discreet and easy way to give your heels stablity without scarificing glamour! Last year I had satin heels that sunk into the grass and the mud stained the satin, I had to throw them out, this summer no such problem. Can't wait to hit the dancefloor with them

Carolyn08, Emerald QLD


OMG! These little Starlettos are incredible. I wore them to the races on 3 inch high heels, and amazingly, I didn't fall over or nearly break my ankles. I initially thought they may look silly on my shoes, but you can't see them at all ( Unless you were down near my feet). I now can't imagine wearing my stilettos without these marvelous Starlettos.

Jeana, Yokine WA


Starlettos are designed specifically for outdoor events and soft ground.
Previously I would have organised my outfit to encorporate flate shoes - no more!
Starlettos definately live up to their claims.

I also "test-drove " Starlettos Indoors and they also provide a good "non slip" surface for dancing - as well as increasing your heel base (ie: you don't 'totter') increasing your confidence in shoes that are sky-high.

I only wish I had received my pair a week earlier. I would have worn them to my own wedding - instead my "one hour shoes" hurt like hell and I had to change to ballet flats in order to dance :)

Michelle697, South Morang VIC


I was very skeptical about whether they would work or not and was really surprised with how well they did. They are very tight on the shoe so they stayed on without hassle. The clear colour makes them barely noticeable and the handy pouch they come in, means that once off grass you can slip them off and into your bag. A really great product that I can't believe no one had thought of before now. Well done!

kdp17@bigpond.com, Narangba QLD


I think they are fantastic any function that's on grass they are great. A really great idea.