About The Product

With a passion for true indulgence, without compromising on health, Vitarium brings you Du Chocolat drinking cocoa. Sweetened with Natvia, and using the finest cocoa with a lingering richness of dark chocolate, Du Chocolat is divine indulgence without the guilt.
Du Chocolat contains no artificial colours, flavours and ingredients; and with 85% less calories that other regular drinking cocoa containing added sugar, you don’t have to compromise when it comes to your favourite treats.
Du Chocolat is indulgence without compromise. Desire without apology. Chocolate without guilt. With a rich and smooth taste, prepare it with your choice of milk for a creamy satisfying hot or cold beverage. Live Free!

Product Reviews

Leah, Mudgeeraba QLD


Du Chocolat is indulgence without compromise just as the add said , i love it !! the fact its so natural no artificial colours or flavours or ingredients gluten , nut,wheat,egg and even gmo free and amazing 10.6 calories per serve , its fantastic to be able to buy a product that is so natural these days with all the preservatives we have hard to find a chocolate drink thats healthy thanks vitarium and lifestyle

linda1963, Osborne Park WA


Just delicious!!
Smooth,creamy,and does not have that chemical aftertaste bassociated with no sugar sweet foods
Totally recommend

Shane, The Entrance North NSW


Absolutely amazing. Every mouthful is like a piece of Chocolate heaven !!!!!

Nicole214, Wynnum QLD


A delicious, rich, sweet treat! If I didn't know there was no sugar in it I would be none the wiser.

Paige, Hornsby NSW


My mum loves chocolate but she has diabetes unfortunately. I recommended Du Chocolat and asked her to try it out. She told me she loves it. It's easy to melt in either hot or cold milk, really rich taste. She said she would buy more after finishing the one I gave to her.

Tristram2, Cranebrook NSW


This product is truly wonderful, when compared to most other hot chocolates on the market today this is a stand out product. It gives the taste of a Cafe at home and does not require any added sugar at all. There is a wonderfully smooth taste to be enjoyed with every sip of Du Chocolat. If I was to see it in the shops when looking for a hot chocolate product to purchase this would have to be at the top of my list every time.

Karen1163, Traralgon VIC


du chocolat is a delicious drink
we tried both hot and cold, and both were yummy
it has a great chocolate taste and i would recommend this to my family and friends
ps: the 85% less calories is fantastic news, because we couldnt really taste the difference
10 out of 10