23 x Online Psychic Readings with Julianna

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About The Product

Get immediate clarity on a situation affecting the way you live with an online psychic reading by top Australian Psychic Profiler Julianna Suranyi. Access Julianna’s guidance in an interactive daily group chat session, stay anonymous if you choose and ask Julianna one question from the comfort and privacy of your computer. Julianna does not need an item/photo to give you specific insight, direction and strategy on her website in just a few minutes.

A respected professional psychic for 20 years and a police-trained intuitive profiler, Julianna has appeared on ‘The Morning Show’, ‘The Circle’ and ‘Today’ with her yearly Celebrity Predictions appearing in ‘The Courier-Mail’ since 2010.

This new interactive chat line is affordable at only $22 per question; is accessible from anywhere; and provides you with constructive and specific guidance when you need it.

Julianna says “if something is bothering you right now, no matter how small, it’s affecting your life. I cannot emphasise enough that life is not about engineering your grand scheme for work, love, children, health, balance etc and then crossing your fingers hoping for the best. It’s about questioning, clarifying and addressing fears as you go. Clarify your next steps via my chat line.”


Product Reviews

Tanny, Sturt SA


I was extremely happy with how easy and professional Julianna's psychic reading was! The convenience of having your questions answered via a chat session is fantastic! Julianna was amazing and provided very thorough, honest answers. I would not hesitate to refer my friends and family to her and I will definitely be back to get some more questions answered!