21 x The Original Hot Chocolate Company Handmade Hot Chocolate Packs

About The Product

Hot Chocolate, there are few hot drinks for which people feel such a passion for.

This handmade creation is a chocolate chunk on a spoon, in several varieties. Milk, Dark and White pure Belgium chocolate. Gluten Free and Nut free.

The recipe is simple: add the Original Hot Chocolate to hot steamy milk, letting the chocolate chunk mix through the milk, melting into a sensational drinking moment.

A winter warmer like no other! www.theoriginalhotchocolate.com.au

Product Reviews

Maddie48, Narrabri NSW


Had these today shared them with my friends, they are to die for so delicious just like a hot chocolate but more yummy!! I love the fact that there is a spoon already attached, comes in very handy!!

MARIA206, Wattle Grove NSW


Loved these in the dark & milk chocolate, very good quality rich flavoured chocolate melts nicely, no clumps. A fun product to use, novelty idea stirring & licking the spoon, chocolate Indulgence feel like I'm having a treat food. Shared a couple with my guests, teenage girls & had a hot chocolate with them they loved them too & asked where they could purchase them.
Thank you Lifestyle for the trial.

leesah8293, Salisbury East SA


very enjoyable on a winters night i would buys these

Lisa855, Goulburn NSW


I LOVED these hot chocolates so yummy! I particularly liked the milk and dark chocolate and my kids liked the white chocolate. Such a good idea and so easy to make such a nice hot chocolate.

Kate120, Woodend VIC


These are fantastic. So smooth & rich. They taste like you are drinking a cup of melted chocolate.
Very easy to use & convenient.
Perfect for a treat on a cold day!

Natalie653, Bayswater WA


These were a real treat! Loved licking the spoon whilst it melted through the milk. The chocolate melted nicely - not too quick and not too slowly either. It also tasted good quality. I preferred the dark chocolate one but the milk and white were also delicious. Depending on the price I would purchase these again for a special treat every now and again :)

Fiona973, Gulliver QLD


This was absolutely the most delicious hot chocolate ever, and my three grandsons loved the novelty of the chocolate chunk melting through the hot milk and stirring it. We packed it in the esky when we went camping and it was not only delicious but a fun experience for the boys. I will definitely buy this again for the taste and the fun filled experience we all had making it

Patricia814, Unanderra NSW


I loved this product! It's the perfect thing to warm you up on a cold winters night. The flavours were amazing and I will definitely be purchasing this product.

ShanaJ, Claremont Meadows NSW


Fun concept! Chocolate was lovely, good quality. Make sure milk is nice and hot to ensure chocolate melts properly and be sure to lick the spoon! My fave was the milk chocolate. White chocolate was nice for something different but a little sweet. Dark chocolate was quite rich in flavour.

traveltime, Sorrento WA


I was able to sample white, dark and milk chocolate, all of which tasted great. Also how they are packaged are a great idea for a small gift.

Catherine2, Margate QLD


I must say I enjoyed reviewing these. They were very nice on a cold evening. I found them all to be quite sweet enough without needing to add sugar or marshmallows to the drink. The White Chocolate was very nice but did not have a distinctive taste as the Milk Chocolate one did. The Dark Chocolate was the strongest without being bitter.

They were very easy to use. I just heated the milk in the microwave and stirred in my drink. I liked the concept of having the spoon as part of the drink. I can see them being an indulgent treat for special occasions rather than an every day drink. The price would ultimately determine how often I used them. I enjoyed them.

Stephen563, Ashgrove QLD


Wow ... Its chocolatey!!!

That was the comment from my teenage daughter when she tried her hot chocolate made from "the original hot chocolate" spoons. Our family tried all three flavours with the kids liking the milk chocolate, parents the dark and the white bringing up the rear.

The spoons are convneient but you really do need hot hot milk so they melt smoothly and relatively quickly. The spoons provide a rich and satisfying hot chocolate experience for lovers of hot chcolate but be warned they are very rich but yummy.

Lauren1001, Sturt SA


These are so good!! Even better than normal hot chocolates. the spoon with the actual chocolate combination is delicious. just stir in hot milk and the chocolate will melt, and then its time to drink! absolutely perfect for cold winter nights when its raining outside and youre curled up reading your favourite book!

Samantha332, Wentworth Point NSW


Yum, yum, yum. The original hot chocolate was so tasty. Once your milk is steaming hot you can melt the chocolate straight in to it and the chocolate is set around a wooden spoon so that you can mix as the chocolate melts. The end result was a smooth rich and decadent treat. The milk chocolate was my favourite.

Christine120, Narre Warren South VIC


These make a lovely creamy and rich hot chocolate. Much nicer than the usual powder mixes.

The dark chocolate and the milk chocolate versions were my equal favourites. The white chocolate one was also very yummy but very very sweet and I could only manage to drink half of it.

My favourite way to drink these was to let the chocolate on the spoon melt until there was about a quarter left and then eat the melty chocolate goodness that was left behind. Bliss!

Overall very happy with these. I'd love to see these come in a half sized version too to make a smaller cupful.

Alycia26, Cranbrook QLD


The white chocolate had a strange smell when the packet was opened and was too sweet to drink. The milk and dark chocolate tasted nice.

Stephanie1094, Warners Bay NSW


This hot chocolate on a stick was fun and delicious. My favorite was the dark chocolate but the kids loved the milk and white versions.
It was a really fun experience for all of us. Some we lickers, others melters but all were lovers??