20 x Trailer Guides

About The Product

The Trailer Guide could save your marriage and here’s how!

The Trailer Guide is a multipurpose visual aid that assists in the hitching, reversing and driving of your towed vehicle. This means no more partner assisted reversing and never having to ask the question ‘Why didn’t you say stop?’

Say goodbye to dints in your tailgate, jack knifing, and best of all embarrassing scenes at the boat ramp. If you can tow it, Trailer Guides can help you see it. Visit www.trailerguides.com.au

Hitching - the clamp system and elongated rods allow a driver to see the position of a tow ball and coupling to ensure a more accurate hitching process
Driving - the guides can be attached to the back of the trailer so that the driver can see where the trailer ends at all times which makes driving and changing lanes a much safer process.
Reversing - reversing a trailer is often difficult, a driver doesn't know if they are off track until it is too late. By applying the guides to the rear of the trailer before reversing, the driver can correct any misalignment immediately. This is most helpful for a low 6x4, jetski or boat trailer.

Product Reviews

Elyse55, Nar Nar Goon VIC


Absolutely love it. Received the trailer guides this morning and have been puttin trailers on and off all day. The easiest thing to use just attach one just behind the ball on your car and the other on the trailer either straight up or to the side and back unill the 2 rectangle ends meet....done....simple.....that easy. If you reversing a low trailer just attach them to the back at each side and you can see your edges. They are long and flat so just put them in your boot untill needed again. Fantastic they are going to save me so much time ??

ballyann, Glossodia NSW


What an amazingly simple , yet absolutely effective product! This is a MUST for anyone who tows a trailer. I used it on my 4 berth dog trailer and it made hitching up to my 4WD so simple, and eliminated the need for me to either rouse one of my family members to guide me back to the trailer, or trying to manhandle the trailer to the towbar when I didn't line it up properly. Plus it's an Aussie product too! 10/10

Karina, Ulladulla NSW


What a fantastic and versatile product. We have used it on both the Boat and Trailer, made life soooo much easier.
Highly recommend these!!

Carrie108, Griffin QLD


It was a very simple to use product. I have a flat bed trailer and when its on the back of the ute you can't see it at all which makes reversing on my own impossible. With one of the trailer guides in each corner I was able to easily reverse with the trailer attached anytime. Also I had no problems with durability I just threw it in the back of the ute when not using it and it bounced around with the rest of the tools no problems at all. Would definitely recommend.

Melmo89, Glen Mervyn WA


This trailer guide is amazing!! Makes reversing the boat trailer a dream, definatly saved us from our usual argument at the boat ramp. Great product

Russell29, Newcastle East NSW


I love this product. Its easy to use and does the job. My son did not try it as he as a reverse parking camera but we do not. We have a caravan and this has taken the stress fro connecting it tot he car.

Dianne10, White Rock QLD


I would highly recommend the Trailer Guides. Both my husband & I have used them to help guide us when reversing to hook up the Camper Trailer, Boat Trailer & Box Trailer. Once the trailer guides have been placed on the tow bar tongue of the 4WD & the other on the trailer it is possible for me as a female to reverse the 4WD without having someone to help guide me to the right position. They have also been really useful at the boat ramp. The trailer guides are durable, versatile & well constructed.....very useful thank you

Charmaine192, Riverhills QLD


I'm really surprised at how easy this was to use. I used it with my boat, and what used to be a chore, is now a fast and easy task. Highly recommend the use of the Trailer Guide.

Amy29, Northgate QLD


Recieving this Trailor guide was such a surprise. As a family that loves getting outdoors and getting around in our 4x4, camping with the trailor trailing behind, going out on our jetski and just always been outdoors it's heavensent.
The trailor guide helped us on an overnight camping trip, line the guides up correctly and prevent running into those pesky trees that seem to pop up in the very last moment. Was also fantastic for guiding our jetski down the ramp.
Not only is it a great guide, the clamps can be used for other things as well, my partner decided they were great for attaching to his work table to help him out there as well.
I recommend the trailor guide to everyone, it's a great invention and the perfect accessory.

Dianne, Tapping WA


We have tried this with our trailer and life is so much easier and less stressful. We were able to reverse the trailer down a slope with less problems than previous. Great product and look forward to trying it with a caravan.

Christine , Christies Beach SA


I had 3 different people try this item, the expert found them time consuming & said he wouldn't be seen dead with them in a caravan park, trailer user said they were handy but the novice said they were a great help & would use them until she got more used to hooking up

Pamela451, Oakden SA


These trailer guides are vefy helpful but one suggestion would be that the reflective plates actually be mirrors as i think this would be more helpful in seeing how close you are to each one.

Neil204495, Toogoom QLD


This product has achieved its ultimate goal of making it easier to hitch your trailer. Doing it by yourself is never easy so the product facilitated hooking-up my camper and vehicle. I live alone so I can't always have someone there to help me. If you are new to trailers, this would be a perfect product for you.

The things I didn't were: the material it was made of-it seems to be a cheap plastic material that may shatter due to weather or use; If you intend to use this product often, it might not be able to stand the test of time; and once you put the product together, it is not obvious if the rods can be removed which makes it difficult to carry around.