20 x 'The Keep It Simple Stupid Home Budget' Books

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About The Product

The Keep It Simple Stupid Home Budget Book - Doesn’t it feel like every year just sticking to your budget gets more and more complicated. Some people say it’s as bad as teeth grinding. Have you ever wanted a book to hold your hand and tell you the next step to taking control of your money. This book does exactly that. And in 90 short days it will improve your knowledge of where all your money is disappearing. It includes :

* 51 stories and facts on how to reduce your day to day living costs

* Amazing time saving ways to do your budget in as little as 7 minutes a day

* Practical ways to reduce your utility costs around the home without spending a cent

* How to find your weakness when shopping and how they could be costing you thousands each year. Plus much much more.

The book is so good the authors offer a two year money back guarantee on each one sold. At just $27.95 it might be the best book you have purchased for under $30. Not available in book stores For more info go to www.MrHomeBudget.com.au

Product Reviews

Angela Manning, Roseville NSW


There's so much reading in this book, but the great thing is that there are lots of personal stories to put the theory into real life. Some of the things are commen sense and you know about, however they are a reminder to actually put these budget measures in place and to save money.

debbiejo, Piara Waters WA


This is a great book - full of tips and hints for saving money and is suitable for every household. Great job and I have already started using some of the ideas and I am seeing some great savings. Thanks so much.