20 x Table of Plenty NoNo’s Packs

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About The Product

With junk foods filling the supermarket shelves and school’s tightening their policies on what foods kids can bring to school, packing a child’s lunchbox can be a real hassle for parents. Fortunately, with the release of Table of Plenty NoNo’s bars, Australian mums need not worry! Table of Plenty’s new NoNo bars, in Cocoa Crush and Berry Blast flavours, are the natural, healthy alternative to sugar-filled schoolyard snacks.

Table of Plenty have taken care to avoid problematic ingredients such as dairy, wheat, nuts, soy and sulphites, making NoNo’s bars the stress-free solution for parents. Dispelling the belief that muesli bars are only a ‘sometimes’ treat, Table of Plenty’s NoNo’s bars are made of totally natural wholegrains and one bar contains less than 100 calories!

Table of Plenty has established a reputation for producing high quality snacks, cereals and spices that are wonderfully healthy, without compromising on taste. In creating the business, Kate saw an opportunity to take the knowledge about food she had gained from many years of travel around the world and build an innovative, family-oriented food brand on that foundation. Today, Table of Plenty specialises in creating unique ranges combining taste and nutrition: a range of international-inspired spice blends and dukkahs, sweet Mini Rice Cakes, deliciously natural mueslis and muesli bars.

Table of Plenty’s NoNo’s bars are available exclusively in Woolworths. RRP $4.25 per box - www.tableofplenty.com.au

Product Reviews

Angela, East Ipswich QLD


Received my NoNo’s bars today and yes we love the new ones. My four year old declared the Berry Blast to be her favourite. Although we enjoyed the original we preferred the new, improved bars which have a lighter, crispier texture. A reasonably priced, healthy snack for little ones and ideal for school lunch boxes. It is a product I will purchase and would recommend to family and friends.

Thank you for the opportunity to try and review these delicious bars.

spunky, Parrearra QLD


Yummo!!! As the pack said great taste. Berry Blast was my favourite. My wife loved the Cocoa crush.
Besides being tasting good the fact they are healthy is very important to me and my family

Pauline, Drummond Cove WA


MY kids loved them they took one of each flavour to school and said they were really yummy .I tasted them both and so did my husband and my friend s and family every one was really impressed by the taste and especially liked the berry ones the most.The fact that they are natural wholegrain and contain less then 100 calories what a healthy snack, i will be purchasing these for my kids for a healthy snack from now on.
Thank you for the oppurtunity to trial the Table of Plenty’s NoNo’s bars:)

Manisha4, Tarneit VIC


I simply loved these Table of plenty,NoNo's bars for kids.I tried so many other cereal bars for my kids,being so fussy,they liked none.I was totally surprised when my son asked for more.he loved cocoa crush best.when I read the information on the box,I was impressed ,it's the most natural healthy one,even under 100 cal and lower saturated fat makes it ideal for every one. my husband has got high cholesterol,he loved the berry blast flavour,and complimented for it.
Now NoNo's bars are permanently on table for us to say Yes!

Jayne77, Manly NSW


Well, they didn't last long! I guess the fact that all the boxes were polished off really quickly is an indication of their popularity! I confess, I sampled a few myself - just for the purposes of the review, of course... Surprisingly tasty for a bar with no naughties - will definitely buy some more.

Daniela62, Epping VIC


"No No's" better bars for kids, as the name suggests made especially for kids. So what better way to review them?. Test them by the harshest critics - my children.

My 2yo boy Max bites big chunks of the bar and calls out "Yum!" even with a thumbs up.
The real challenge though is yet to come. My fussy 6yo girl Julia. She studies the bar, takes a bite, chews long and hard...and finally yells out "I love it!". I was so pleased as she is also partial to any food with bits of fruit in it. Hence, the BerryBlast bar passed the test.

Now for my own taste test of the original Berry Blast, you can actually taste the goodness, chewy, moist and so tasty yet not too sweet.
The newer BerryBlast is slightly cruchier and the berry fruit flavour is delicious and "honey'ish"

The original Cocoa Crush i enjoyed the most as it reminded me of my childhood favourite Cocoa Pops without all the artificial sweetness. The crunchiness and flavour is great.
The newer Cocoa Crush does seem a little puffier and the cocoa flavour is delightful. Cocoa can leave a bitter aftertaste but "No No" not this bar!

Overall, i am delighted to have trialled and tested such a healthy treat snack for my children. As a parent i try to always be conscious about giving my children the best foods and ingredients whenever possible.
The fact also that the bars are a family business made with lots of love and care by a family who truely understands the needs of the healthy benefits for children. To couple that with it being an Australian based family business is a bonefied winner for me. I shall definitely be shopping for this product on my next shopping trip. Thanks to all.

maria168375, Gowanbrae VIC


Very generous received lots of samples, my favorite flavour was the berry, cocoa was a bit bland though, needs to be a bit sweeter for me, what impressed me the most my husband tried them and liked them, they appealed to my fussy eaters in the family, but I couldn't see much difference to what is available with other similar products on the market.