20 x Spider & Insect Vacs

About The Product

Safely vacuum up live bugs at double arm's length without harm, and set them free back into the great outdoors where they belong. Also completely safe for people with Allergies, Asthmatics and Respiratory problems, as there is no need for the use of Sprays, Chemicals or Bait that are harmful to the environment.

Use it indoors and outdoors, at 59cm long ideal for use inside children's mosquito nets, as well as Greenhouses, Cars, Campervans and Boats. Used by professional entomologists worldwide, it can also be used as an educational tool to safely study Australian insects. It comes with a turbo booster attachment for those hard to reach corners. Use on your plants to remove wasps, ants and other bugs with the added benefit of No Contact, No Mess, No Kill, that's important for the bug and insect world. Supplied with a 9v Duracell battery. Invented in the UK by

Select IP UK, with over half a million sold in North America www.selectipaustralia.com.au

Product Reviews

Peter949, Cardigan VIC


The Spider & Insect vac is an easy to assemble product with clear & easy instructions, extremely easy to use especially compared to the old fashioned glass & piece of cardboard method, easily reaching the spiders hiding in the corner of the ceiling.
I would give this a 5/5 for ease of use & efficiency, it could also be used to remove the hard to reach dead flies from window tracks.
For people with allergies to normal sprays or respiratory problems this is a must, even make it into a game for the kids to see who can catch the most bugs.
We received our Spider & insect vac really quickly & it was put to use immediately with great effect & has been the first thing we reach for when we hear the slightest buzz of wings.

sueban1963, Orelia WA


When i opened the box i thought, i dont know me and spiders this closes is not my favourite but after i put it all together and tracked down a insect i was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use. The turbo booster is great for just out of reach areas as it sucks the bug in. Very easy to empty too without getting near the insect. I would defiantly recommend instead of sprays as their is nothing harmful to you or the insect. Will give the Spider & Insect Vac the big thumbs up and 4.5/5 rating.

Lisa1284, Bathurst NSW


Well where to begin.... What a brilliant product!! I am not a fan of dealing with creepy crawlers and was VERY excited to receive the Spider and Insect Vac!! I found the product easy to assemble and the instructions were clear and easy to follow. I found the product as a whole was well presented. And it works like a charm!! My son especially loves catching insects with it!! I will be using this over bug spray from now on, as we all know bug sprays are awful and tend to upset my breathing. This is great and very safe for me (and will be for others) who suffer from respiratory issues. Lastly, I would just like to say how impressed I was that I received this product so quickly! So five stars from me!!

Tara155, Hampton Park VIC


Luckily the spider and insect vac worked, otherwise I'd be traumatised. A two-person home where both occupants have spider phobia is never fun, but at least with this vacuum it's manageable! The length of the tube means I can get the job done without having to get too close.

I'd certainly recommend for all sufferers of arachnophobia !

sueban1963, Orelia WA


At first i though no way can i go near a spider with this but after i used it once i realised how easy it was to use. Great idea for relocating them bugs that sneak into your home. Very powerful motor so will suck up those hard to reach bugs. Defiantly worth getting.

Kristie115, Coopernook NSW


When we recieved the spider and insect vac our kids were so excited that we assembled it straight away, and my husband and i we glad to discover that is was an easy process. As soon as it was put together we all started serching out for spiders and flies which didn't take long. We switched on the vac and off we went it worked great on the spiders and flies , this made me happy because we don't like to use insect sprays if we can avoid it. After collecting a few spiders and insects my hubby went outside with the kids and released them. Overall we found the spider and insect vac easy to assemble easy to use the only problem we encounted was the bottom cap wouldn't stay on but overall very pleased with this product and would recommend it to anyone especially people who are unable to use sprays do to allergy's or medical conditions.