20 x República RAW Organic Super Food Powders

About The Product

República® RAW Super Food powder mixes are anti-aging and nutrient-dense foods rich in powerful antioxidants to feed your body and mind.

Just add 1-3 teaspoons to your smoothie, juice, yoghurt, milk or cereal for your daily dose of energy and vitality.

All products from the República RAW range are:
• 100% Australian certified organic
• 100% Lactose free
• 100% Vegan
• 100% Gluten free
• 100% Free of added sugar
• 100% Pure raw superfood
• 100% Free of chemicals, preservatives or anything unnatural

Each LifeStyle Try It, Rate It reviewer will receive your choice of 1 (one) of the below three powder varieties:
1. Green –  Barley Grass, Wheatgrass, Chlorella and Spirulina
2. Breakfast – Spirulina, Cacao, Baobab, Lucuma and Maca
3. Detox – Wheatgrass, Barley Grass, Chlorella, Lucuma, Cacao and Spirulina

Buy República RAW organic superfood powders today at Woolworths and online.

Product Reviews

Angela144, Glenmore Park NSW


I chose "Republica's Raw Breakfast super food powder "variety in the view of making a smoothie before going to work,instead of the traditional breakfast cereal that is only sustaining for a few hours.Republica's powder did feel sustaining through out the morning,more so than my regular breakfast cereal.Initially I tried the breakfast powder with milk and it wasn't particularly nice,the next time I tried the breakfast powder with the berry recipe with Milk and it was much nicer with the natural sweetness of the berries to lift the flavour.I would recommend Republica's Raw powder to anyone wanting a meal supplement with contents such as iron,antioxidants an all the vitamins you could possibly ask for,immunity,energy,anti-ageing plus more.In our fast paced lifestyles products like this can only enhance our output and help us live,operate to the best we can be.

gee1, Monterey NSW


After a few weeks now of using the República RAW Detox mix, I can honestly say after about three days I began to feel better. I was definitely less tired, had more energy and felt more refreshed overall. I have used the product in savoury muffins, guacamole and every in some soups and sauces! Best part was that my family didn't really notice and it was great that they were getting some antioxidants and extra vitamins in meals! Will definitely be buying this again and look forward to trying the other varieties

Rebekah, Yass NSW


I used Green Mix superfood powder on soup and cereal and it made them taste delicious. The flavour is earthy and made me feel very nourished. Would highly recommend.

Lina94, Yanchep WA


After using this product for the last few weeks I am feeling much more energetic and refreshed. I have decided to using this product every morning with a light breakfast to see the benefits of using this as a fasting tool as well as weight loss and energy.

I saw that I felt a lot more leaner because of the goodness in the detox Republica RAW organic superfood. I felt more movement into my day and much much more awake throughout work.
It gave me the kick I needed to wake up and go through a busy working day as well as allow me to get to sleep at reasonable times.

I would definitely love to continue using this product and seeing the results after a longer period of time. From my results and experience it is definitely 5 out 5 star product.

Natasha55, Southport QLD


Have more energy, vitality and great for well-being. Would recommend to anyone to try cause its worth it.

KLM290308, South Nowra NSW


Great product easy to use. I used the detox product. Had it in a shake in the mornings helped make me feel better in myself. Highly recommend

Desmayani, Richmond VIC


I received the Green Mix. I add it to my smoothies for added nourishment. The flavour is not powerful or overbearing. Its light, fresh and gives me added energy I need to face the day!

estar, Sunshine VIC


I received the Green Mix pack. The smell when opening the packet was intense in a good way! I found the easiest way to have it was mixed with cold water. It smells and tastes like it's great for you!

Sadie4, Cheltenham VIC


This product is ok, it leaves a unusual taste in your mouth. not unpleasent but not fab. I am still using but dont everyday due to the aftertaste.
Have reccomended to friends who a Uber healthy

Emily1292, Stanmore NSW


Breakfast Mix Raw Powder has quite a unique taste that I found was best when mixed with just water. I found that the mornings I drank it I felt quite energised and awake. I did try a smoothie with strawberries and milk but I think this just confused the flavours. If you're looking for a way to get some extra nutrients into your diet quickly and easily then this works well!

Sara333, Meringandan West QLD


I trialled the Detox powder....I'm not going to sugar coat it: it was awful. The taste was terrible, it smelt terrible, it bubbled up and went all weird...I tried it in my yoghurt, in juice and also in a smoothie. I had it daily for 3 days, and to be fair, I think it did boost my energy...but it's not something I could continue on account of the taste (and aftertaste). I asked 2 family members what they thought, and they both said the same thing. Thanks for the opportunity to trial it though!