20 x Pink Stuff Cleaning Solution

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About The Product

If you hate the words, grout cleaning, tile cleaning, floor cleaning or just plain cleaning then you WILL LOVE PINK STUFF.

Regain pride in the appearance of your home!

Pink stuff allows you to gain back that new house look and feel. Cleaning your grout and tile has never been easier, simply broom on solution and then wait 20 minutes and mop or vacuum off.

You will be amazed at your as new tile and grout!

It is also a multipurpose cleaner which gives you an immaculate clean, with minimum effort resulting in time saving. You will have more time to do what you really want, which isn't cleaning, and you will save money (hundreds of dollars) as each bottle gives 225 Litres of general cleaning solution @2gms per Litre or approximately 24sqm of grout and tile cleaning.

Pink Stuff is also non-acid: non-corrosive: non-abrasive: antibacterial: antifungal: food safe: septic safe: and kills MRSA!

Pink Stuff puts you in control of your cleaning as the solution can be strengthened as required.


Product Reviews

Kay50, Cranbourne VIC


I used it to clean my shower and WOW! it did an amazing job, it cleaned the tiles and grout at the same time. I use different products for different things but pink stuff did both.
I love that there is no toxic smell.
I will certainly be buying this product.
Made cleaning a breeze.

Magdalena, Oatley NSW


thank you for letting me to review this product - there are so many cleaning products available it's hard to find the right one to buy.. this one is the one and does it all! what i like the most is how easy it is to use - no horrible scrubbing, works by itself, and no awful smell... thanks again and will recommend to others!

Chris, Wamoon NSW


Great product! I am very happy with the results after using this amazing cleaning powder. I used it in the kitchen and bathroom. We live in rural NSW and use bore water, which is hard on our bathroom surfaces. The product was very successful in helping to remove old stubborn stains from the shower and basin. It is also great that it is safe to use on septic systems, this is always a concern and an eco product these days is a must.

Naddie04, Australind WA


I like this product ... so easy to use. I tried it in the bathroom on the tiles & grout, I had trouble cleaning it before as the products I have used before are very strong smelling and I still had trouble cleaning the grout. My husband have asma and some products just takes his breath away and he'll have coughing episodes. Whereas Pink Stuff is very gentle ... no chance to take your breath away and it is working too, I have clean grout to show for it now. Thank you so much for introducing me to Pink Stuff .. I think we'll become best friends in the future.

Ariel, Pakenham VIC


This product is great for removing soap and shower scrum and leaving all surfaces bright and sparkling clean. It’s easy to use and I love the fact that it’s multipurpose and therefore multiple cleaners, cluttering up cupboards and adding to my daily load, can now be a thing of the past. It also has a clean fresh smell that is not overly persuasive or particularly chemical like. Overall, a great product that I will certainly use in in the future.

kazsam, Riverside TAS


Well I thought I had seen most cleaning products. I was wrong. Very impressed with Pink Stuff. I have never used a powder style of cleaner and found it worked well on most areas. I liked being able to use more or less depending on what I was cleaning and that it was also good at killing germs. A major bonus. Would recommend.