20 x Pilates for Better Sex DVD's

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About The Product

We all know Pilates is good for your general health, strength and fitness, but did you know that it could greatly improve your sex life too? In 2011 an international Orgasm Survey found a strong pelvic floor was key to a bettersex life. The tighter the vaginal muscles are, the more friction that is created during intercourse, making it more pleasurable for both parties andmuch more likely for women to achieve vaginal orgasm. Tasha Lawton, creator of the Pregalates DVD series, now brings us Pilates for Better Sex.

Often after childbirth or menopause the vaginal walls are loosened and weakened. If women don’t exercise these muscles it can result in lesser contact during sex between the vaginal wall and the penis, reducing stimulation of the G-spot.Exercising the pelvic floor can actually improve the neural pathways between the brain and the vagina leading to more frequent orgasms of greater intensity, which will be music to the ears of most women!

Pilatesis a great way to improve the tone and strength of the pelvic floor. In this new DVD, Pilates for Better Sex, Tasha Lawton focuses on doing just that.

The Pilates for Better Sex DVD is available as a download for $19.99 or as a DVD for $24.99 from www.pregalates.com