20 x Pairs of Tiny Treadz Shoes

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About The Product

Choosing shoes for your babies growing feet is an important decision. Their tiny feet need lots of space to develop and form. Many of the shoes available on the market provide too much support and not enough room, which can affect your toddler’s balance and confidence.

Tiny Treadz are a wonderful solution for the adventurous toddler and discerning parent. Tiny Treadz are lightweight and pliable. They are the closest thing to barefeet that your baby can wear so they have minimal effect on the natural movement of their foot which allows for stability. The rubber sole means increased traction and the simple design makes them easy to pull onto your baby’s feet, even when you’re in a hurry.

The cotton blend top allows the feet to breathe whilst feeling soft on the skin. The supple rubber sole provides the ultimate protection as your toddler begins exploring the world.

A toddler shoe must protect the foot and complete an outfit. Tiny Treadz do both. They look adorable and provide the perfect protection for your babies developing feet.

No more fussing over uncomfortable and fiddly shoes. Choose Tiny Treadz for healthy little feet. Visit www.tinytreadz.com.au RRP $25.00

Product Reviews

Kim973, Buderim QLD


Thanks for letting me try Tiny Treadz.
I think this is a fantastic product, as my little 18 month old loves shoes. But with his foot being so broad I find getting shoes to fit properly extremely hard. With these tiny treadz it was great as they seemed to mould to his foot. They are easy to put on as they are like socks but having the rubber sole means no dirty hard to clean socks.
And so easy to clean as you can pop them through the wash.
I can not rave about these enough! Great invention!

Lisa, Bolong NSW


My 18 month old Baby girl has worn there beautiful Tiny Treads everyday since i recieved them in the post, Firstly they are a Gorgeous design for my princess and so easy to put on her litte feet as they just slip on, she does not seem to try and take them of as much as she does other brands of shoes and if she does she can easily get them back on herself.
they are a nice light shoe as well as being nice and warm for these colder days we are haing at this ponit in time.
My little girl seems to love them as i do, She does walk normally in these shoes and that is a big plus as other brands of shoes i have purchased i have noticed it changes the way she walks and sometimes affects her movement.
I would recommened these shoes to other parents with little ones as they really are a beautiful,light weight, and so Easy to put on and take off those fussy toddlers whom just cant sit still.
Thank you so much for this opportunity to try and rate this product i do give them a big 5 Stars I Love them

J05, Diamond Creek VIC


These are really well made, with fantastic grip on the entire sole of the shoe - perfect for new walkers. Very easy to put on and look gorgeous too.

Kirsten114, Hastings VIC


What gorgeous shoes! They arrived beautifully packaged and I couldn't wait to put them on my little one. The shoes I had were white and lilac with cute little flowers. My daughter thought that they were great and she didn't want to take them off. She even wore them to bed one night! I guess that's a testament to how comfortable she found them.
The shoes are light, pliable, easy to get on (important when you have an active toddler). They come off easy when you need them to and not when you don't.
My daughter didn't slip over in the once (and we have tiles in our house) thanks to the well gripping rubber sole.
These are great shoes and I would definitely recommend them.

Micheline5, Condell Park NSW


I would like to start by saying thank you for selecting my child.
The shoe is great easy to put on keeps her feet worm and comfy
Great grip
Great look
And easy for her to walk in over all I will be buying more from them due to them being everything she needs in shoes and styles

Faye172189, Nagambie Victoria VIC


These gorgeous little shoes are 'just right'. They have plenty of support, look great and are inexpensive. Tiny Treadz are lightweight which is important when little people are starting to walk. They don't want heavy shoes that make their tiny steps hardwok.

I will definitely recommend Tiny Treadz to other Mums and Dads.

Naddie04, Australind WA


This is so cute, very adorable! Beautifully made, one happy customer here. Love the shoes. Thank you.

Anne, Halekulani NSW


My grandson loves his Tiny Treadz! They look great and are easy to pull on and off- but they are secure and don't fall off when sitting, like his other shoes. They come up like new after washing in the washing machine.

Mitty, Prahran VIC


I love this little pair of toddler shoes. They are very quick and easy to put on and they don't come off easily and get lost when out in the pram. I love the grippy soles which ensure less falls and they are roomy so not likely to cramp the feet. They are also great for inside the house or outside with the waterproof soles. Would love to buy a couple more from the range.

Lisakaye, Everton Hills QLD


I was actually pretty excited to trial these, as soon as i saw them i thought, awee how cute are they.
When they arrived I opened them up and yes they were really pretty darn cute.
They look like they are well stitched and quality made. I immediately tried them on little miss 2.
And she loved them as well, her words were i love my new slippers. They were so comfortable she thought they were slippers. I love the fact that they are a sock and shoe in one.
Now the next test was to see how they hold up with a very busy 2 year old running around in them.
Most of the time the were very good, a couple of times they would move on her foot and sit in the wrong position and trip her up.
The sizing and fit is perfect, and definitely warm and cozy, after a few hours of wearing them i noticed that the stitching may have been coming undone, after a closer look it was still holding strong. Overall a great shoe, for a baby/toddler works around the house or going out.
Not only are they practical, and comfortable, they look adorable.

Suzanne407, Dianella WA


Putting shoes on my toddler before we go outside can sometimes be a test for both of us. The time it took to put on a pair of Tiny Treadz made it a more pleasant experience. Being so light weight, it was like he had nothing on his feet at all and there was no constant request to have them off. The soft cotton sock was gentle on his skin, with trendy design to boot!