20 x Obela Hommus to Go! Snack Packs

About The Product

Obela Hommus to Go is a classic 21st century ‘snack hack’ that gives health-conscious snackers a convenient option that will allow them to have their health and flavour too.

The wholesome and delicious Obela hommus now comes complete with Sakata wholegrain rice crackers in a snack size pack, so time poor Aussies can enjoy the delicious creamy texture of Obela hommus wherever and whenever the mood strikes.

Obela Hommus to Go is an excellent source of dietary fibre, a source of protein and is free of dairy and gluten.

Product Reviews

Paulina4, Aberfeldie VIC


I have always loved Hommus but had not tried Obela before, I hadn't realised what I was missing out on ! It was just how I love hommus, smooth, tasty with lots of flavour!

Claire22, Leichhardt NSW


I love this hommus. It's my favourite on the market at the moment. The garlic hommus is particularly tasty. Its just really smooth and delicious. I hadn't tried the snack packs before, and was pleased with the size. I also thought that the cracker to hommus ratio was spot on. Also, Its surprising how filling it can be for a mid-morning snack. Big thumbs up.

Adele132, Berwick VIC


I was super excited to try this product and all I can say is YUM YUM!!!. Obela dips are so fresh and a healthy option to have in your fridge, they are quick and easy and my whole family loved the large variety of flavours and tastes.
I also used the dips when making my families sandwiches as a healthier option to butter and they all said that is was much nicer than having butter or margarine.
The packaging was great and loved the pictures of the ingredients on the front of the container, also the presentation was fantastic I feel good enough to serve dips straight out of the packaging. I also really liked the little dips that came packaged with the biscuits i think this is a wonderful idea for snacks on the go.
I think this product is versatile and tasty and is a great healthy go to snack that I will be having in my fridge

jojoburkey, Port Melbourne VIC


Oh so delicious!!! It is so convenient and no I don't have an excuse not to have a healthier snack. It's so self contained with the hommus and the crackers, it's too easy. The taste is great, wonder if they will introduce more flavours like the other original sizes as this is such a winner.

Alex393, Hornsby NSW


The crackers are very crispy and my kids love them. The Hommus is so creamy and tasty. We also use it as spread on bread, yummy! I shared some with friends. They told me they absolutely loved it, so did their kids. And already one of us asked me where they could buy it. I recommended Woolworths.

Christine1637, Augustine Heights QLD


Really nice product , I especially found the roasted capsicum one really yumy

alidaz86, Quakers Hill NSW


The variety of flavours available was a big plus. I absolutely loved the hommus, the tastiest I have ever had. Loved the convenience of the lunch packs with the crackers in the pack, an all in one meal or snack on the go.

Suzanne579, Point Cook VIC


I loved Obela hommus! It had a lovely smooth texture and I really enjoyed the strong flavours. My favourite was the garlic variety. The crackers were also tasty and crunchy. The snack packs made a great, portion controlled, mid-morning snack. The only negative was that there were not enough crackers for the amount of hommus.

Katie852, Eastwood NSW


The hommus to go is a great idea! THe hommus is tasty and there are 4 different flavours. There is plenty of hommus, so pile it high on the crackers!!

Adam527, Quakers Hill NSW


Sorry for the delay- I didn't get the product until after the review was due in

Overall I really liked the concept, so easy for work etc. The different flavours were good (wouldn't mind some different dips). The portion size I thought was good except that there was a lot of dip compared to the amount of crackers, I found myself bringing extra crackers with me.
But quite enjoyed and would definitely buy in future