20 x Norbu Sweetener Packs

About The Product

Norbu is a 100% natural sweetener that harnesses the clean sweet taste of Monk Fruit. Using the natural sweetness of monk fruit we created a healthy, natural way to enjoy a little sweetness – without the artificial nasties.

At only 0.5 calories, it is, a great substitute for artificial sweetener and sugar (spoon by spoon) and is a perfect ingredient to all your favourite recipes and coffee or tea.

Make the enlightened choice when sweetening your recipes. Now available at Coles and Woolworths or for more information visit www.norbusweetener.com.au

Product Reviews

Hana15, Lutwyche QLD


At 0.5 calories per serve (which is a 2g stick or 2/3 of a teaspoon), this is amazing. Its not supersweet but when you are a sweet-tooth on a diet, this is excellent. I've tried it in my tea, in my cookie bakes and in my teriyaki chicken and curry. No weird aftertaste, everything cooks as if I had used sugar and yet I have cut the calories by a third.

Sadie4, Cheltenham VIC


Only usually use sugar when having a coffee, swapped to this product and my family think it is a much better product, my son is using this instead of regular sugar on cereal too. I love the individual sachets to take to work and great for when friends are around too. The sachets also good for weekend trips. Will definatley switch to this product

heykat, Alstonville NSW


I really loved the product. I used the tablets in my morning coffee and afternoon cuppa tea, they gave the sweetness I needed without the calories (which for me is super important). I also used the canister granules for cooking. My son couldnt taste the difference (he's 5), so he thought he was having a super treat, but it was secretly health - which is wonderful.
I will definately be buying this product for myself, instead of the other sweeteners which arent natural.

Sehee, Ermington NSW


My husband and I have been using only Norbu since receiving the samples, and we couldn't be happier! It tastes great, leaves no strange aftertaste like other sweeteners we have tried, and is natural! The packaging is also appealing, with clear descriptions of the ingredients and nutritional information. I particularly like the tablet form and keep that one in my locker at work. I found it to be very convenient when making a quick cup of coffee on my tea break. No need to waste time looking for the sugar, or a spoon. It dissolves well and no rubbish to discard. I also use Norbu to cook my side dishes, and they taste better than when I use sugar, so I will replace it to Norbu from now on as there is less calories and is much healthier. I will definitely continue to purchase this product in the future for it's taste and health value, which is worth the cost.

Dizzykins, Knoxfield VIC


After trying Norbu Sweetener I am going to say it was actually quite useful and tasty!
Used it in my morning teas as well as a few cooking adventures! Was definitely a brilliant sugar substitute.
Thanks Norbu!

Vilma12, St Albans VIC


Great product, no metallic aftertaste in either coffee or tea. Also tried it when making a cake and it was great - the kids didn't even realize they were eating a cake made with a Sweetener rather than sugar. Will definitely be looking for this in my supermarket.