20 x MyColourCup Sets

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About The Product

Smart cups! No more cup confusion with a personalised cup that changes names. MyColourCup is the only personalised cup that changes names and offers a sustainable solution to the sharing of cups. This unique and durable cup can display up to six names on the cup’s rotatable band, making it easy to personalise for each person and then reuse again and again. Selecting a previously used cup will be easier now as the MyColourCup empowers the busy mum with a more practical option. These cups are great for families, childcare and flat mates.

“This innovative creation initially came to life when one night I called all the kids for dinner and asked them to bring the cups they were using to the table. They all walked past several cups on the kitchen counter and grabbed a new one from the cupboard. Right then I wished I had a better way to manage all the cups floating around our house. But I didn't set out to create a product; I set out to train my family on how to reuse the cups they already were using. Yeah, now I know which cup is mine!" said cups designer Shelly Zimmerman

Prize: Set of 6 cups (RRP $24.95)


Product Reviews

carol179608, Yamanto QLD


When the colourcups arrived we used them straight away..great that they are dishwasher safe..best of all I can change the names if I want and have them all in one name eg. for a birthdfay party in my grandsons name..so yes we will definately use these "MyColourCups" as an everyday item and for special occasions.