20 x lunchalot.com Memberships

About The Product

lunchalot.com is an Australian dining club where members receive 50% off food or 25% off the total bill including drinks for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

It is a completely unique online system that says goodbye to vouchers, coupons, ‘set menus’ and hidden conditions. It’s simple! Book online, in real time with lunchalot.com and get treated like a full paying customer.

lunchalot.com allows members to browse local restaurants, reserve a table up to 10 minutes beforehand and receive either 50% off food or 25% off food and drinks for the entire table. With over 50,000 discount dining deals a week, members will be spoilt for choice.

For the first 20% of customers that register for a three year Platinum Membership, lunchalot.com is giving its members a stake in the business where they will receive a payout if the company is sold or floated on the stock exchange – a world first opportunity!

Feeling hungry? Jump online and see what’s available now and pay nothing for your meal until you’ve enjoyed it! 

Product Reviews

Ana12, Brighton Le Sands NSW


A simple to use service that offers you great discounts with restaurants. I loved the range of restaurants and caf├ęs offered and the fact that a membership would quickly pay itself off with a 20% off meal. Highly recommend!

wsmarg, Aldinga Beach SA


At first I found the site difficult to navigate but once I found my way around it was good fun. I liked that I could book any of the restaurants and could choose wether I booked using a discount or not.
I just checked the discounts first and booked if there was one available. Hopefully more restaurants will become involved.