20 x Kleva Cut 5 Piece Knife Sets

About The Product

This is your secret to incredible culinary skills and a better results in your cooking!

With the Kleva Cut Master Series™ you will feel like you have joined the ranks of Head Chefs and professionals who have trained for years, with the precision and skills that can only be acquired through a quality tool!

This 5 piece Japanese vamolcrium Stainless Steel Knife set allows you to have top quality craftsmanship at your fingertips.

The Set includes a Chef Knife, Slicer Knife, Utility Knife, Bread Knife, paring Knife and a satchel to store them in.

Product Reviews

Catherine187, Fairlight NSW


This Kleva knife set is a kitchen asset you can use to improve your culinary skills when preparing food for whatever you are cooking.

The five Cut Master Series knives are light, moulded to your hand, smooth and sharp - making slicing, chopping and dicing a breeze. They are made of excellent quality Japanese vamolcrium stainless steel and cover every need you might have in the kitchen, from slicing bread to chopping vegetables.

The set includes a general purpose large knife, long carving knife, a bread knife, small paring knife, a medium general purpose knife and a satchel to store them in. It is an excellent set that I'm looking forward to using to prepare delicious food for many years to come.

Justin281, Baulkham Hills NSW


These Knives are the Real deal, Super Sharp for a start ! easy too use , Very much have exceeded my expectation, They are the quailty of a top of the range knife with a very affordable price point.

Tanya326, Roxburgh Park VIC


These knives are very sharp and easy too slice and cut food. Best knives Iv ever tried.

Jenny860, Moranbah QLD


Love, love, love these knives. The shape of the handle fits very nicely in your hand. The balance of the knives makes cutting anything at all easy. Highly recommended these knives to anyone who spends any time in the kitchen!

Aunty M, Darlinghurst NSW


I just LOVE these knives. Every cutting task is a breeze and they're soooo sexy! No really - sexy!! They're sleek and smooth and fit perfectly in my hand, giving me amazing control over all my kitchen cutting chores.

On the down side, it's impossible to tell how tough a piece of meat is by cutting it. The knives are so sharp they cut through anything effortlessly and somehow retain their keen edge.

I didn't know I could fall in love with knives but I think I'd be heartbroken if I lost my Kleva Cut knives.

Don't wait until you think you need new knives, buy just one Kleva Cut and I guarantee you'll be racing out to buy the entire set.

Joanna Harrison, Baulkham Hills NSW


I’ve been using my Kleva knives for a few weeks now and I’m really impressed! Their sleek design makes them very attractive to use. And I’ve found using them is easy and efficient.
I think these look like very good quality knives, putting them up there with their more expensive competitors. The price is very attractive too.
The choice of five knives covers all my cutting needs and their cover means I can easily put them away safely. Though I think I’d prefer to keep them in a knife block for easier access.
Overall I think these are great knives!

Janelle163, Rockingham WA


This product is amazing! Great sharp knives, with comfortable handle and cut through meat and vegetables with ease

TERESA341, Wee Waa NSW


Incredible knives...everyone should have a set....thankyou

Barbara679, East Seaham NSW


These knives are absolutely fantastic. They are so sharp and accurate. My husband used it to carve a spit roast and said it was like carving through butter it was that easy. We used the knives for boning out a joint of pork and it was so precise that we had no wastage of meat. These knives are also good for everyday kitchen use in bread, vegies etc. We have used these knives everyday and they are still razor sharp. I would recommend these knives to everybody as I have finally found a knife set that I am satisfied with.

salmar, Drouin VIC


Love these knives. They are weighted really well. So they feel fantastic and comfortable in your hand. Which helps with the cutting, slicing and chopping. They are super sharp and made of superior stainless steel. Not too heavy.
I love the knife bag, it's great doesn't take up too much room (better than a knife block). It also means when we go camping, I can have my good knives with me. Yeah!!!
My husband who works in the meat industry loves them as well. He has used a lot of good quality knives but now only uses these.
Cannot say how much I love these. Makes preparing meals so easy.

Craig54, Hornsby NSW


Items Reviewed: 12cm utility knife, 20cm slicer knife, 20cm chef knife, 20cm bread knife and 9cm paring knife

Cons (doing this first as there is only one): due to the diamond-shaped handles, the smaller knifes can "roll" onto one side with the edge of the blade facing upwards rather than towards the bench-top. Care should be taken to avoid slicing yourself.

1) Knives look heavy due to the thick handles but since they are hollow the knives are very lightweight and easy to wield.
2) Knives are ultra sharp and although I have not tried to cut through shoes like the old TV infomercials showed, they've cut through everything I've thrown at them.
3) Knives are so sharp the chefs knife pierced the hard plastic blade tip protector used to transport it safely.
4) You can easily "skin" fat from steaks.
5) Easy to clean and easy to store with canvas-type satchel (roll up bag) included.
6) Blades are not serrated or ridged (except the bread knife) which mean they can be sharped in the future if required.
7) Knives give a very satisfactory "shing!" sound when taken out of knife blocks.

Janelle163, Rockingham WA


These knives are amazing! Super sharp, cut with ease and so comfortable to use!