20 x Eyelift Kits

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About The Product

The Eyelift Kit is an Australian-made product that can erase the appearance of under eye lines, wrinkles and bags in just 2 minutes with the amazing results lasting all day!

The unique, gentle formula in The Eyelift Kit acts like an invisible veil over the skin, effectively hiding any imperfections. The result is smooth, wrinkle-free skin in an instant!

The Eyelift Kit has many advantages over other similar products;

a) the revolutionary single-dose packaging ensures the gel stays fresh and also eliminates the need for potentially harmful preservatives,

b) the gel contains collagen to nourish the skin whilst it is in place making it suitable for most skin types,

c) a single application can be snipped off to take with you on a night out!

The results of this clever Kit really have to be seen to be believed – checkout the website for before and after pics plus a real time video showing the dramatic changes.

Up for review are 20 Eyelift Kit minis worth $29 each, containing a sheet of 15 wells of gel (enough to apply to 30 eyes), a spatula and an instructional DVD.

Other Kits available for purchase include The Eyelift Kit (containing 5 sheets of gel, DVD, spatula, Instruction sheet and compact mirror) and the Refill Pack for people who have ordered previously.

As a very special offer, subscribers of Lifestyle YOU can purchase a full Eyelift Kit for only $75 including delivery (saving $24) if you order within the next 7 days. Just use the code “YOU” in the additional instructions section of the order form and your discount will be processed at checkout.

You won’t believe your eyes!


Product Reviews

Kevin90, Cranbourne VIC


OMG I love this product. I have a very deep wrinkle on my upper lip. I used this product and within 5 mins it was gone! It stayed away all day and well into the night. The next morning it was just visible. I would definitely recommend this product I love it!