20 x Copies of 'David Attenborough’s Kingdom of Plants'

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About The Product

David Attenborough’s Kingdom of Plants is available to rent and own on Blu-ray, DVD and digital download from November 7, 2012. Kingdom of Plants is an astonishingly beautiful three part series written and presented by David Attenborough. Entering the strangely slow world of plant time, Attenborough explores how plants cleverly adapt to the changing seasons, including the explosive drama of seed dispersal and the bursts of colour as they bloom.

Product Reviews

Magdalena, Oatley NSW


Our family is a big fan of David Attenborough's movies. And "Kingdom of Plants" it's all what one would expect from David's and ABC's documentaries - marvelous pictures, very interesting and educational narrative and simply amazing stories. It's a great stocking filler at this time of a year for any school child or/and an adult interested in nature and world aound us.

Kristina, Arcadia Vale NSW


Whole family sat down to watch the dvd tonight. My kids love David Attenbouroughs's documentaries, which I welcome. He makes you see the world around you in a whole new light and the Kingdom Of Plants is no exception.

Alice in Wonderland, Greensborough VIC


What a great colourful and brilliantly filmed DVD.
Watching the flowers open in time lapse motion is visually stunning. To learn how these plants survive is unbeleivably miraculous. Whilst not a great fan of Mr Attenborough he does produce brilliant videos. Definately 3-4 sessions to get through the DVD but well worth it.Will not appeal to all but anyone interested in time lapse photography will love this.