20 x Clearasil Daily Clear Perfecta Wash

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About The Product

Introducing Clearasil Daily Clear Perfecta Wash; the first product to the market that’s scientifically developed to dispense the perfect balance of nourishing skin nutrients combined with active ingredients for visibly clear, beautiful skin.

A first for skincare in Australia, Clearasil Daily Clear Perfecta Wash comes with a unique automated face wash dispenser designed to deliver exactly 1.5mL of ingredients each time to hydrate and soothe skin while still protecting and preventing against pimples, meaning the perfect balance is delivered to your skin with no wastage and no beauty overdose.

Available in Super Fruit Extract and Soothing Plant Extract, both unique formulas are suitable for young adults of all skin type with a formula that is dermatologist tested and contains levels of anti-oxidants and Vitamin E to soothe the skin, meaning they are gentle enough to be used every day.

The Super Fruit Extract formula smells delicious and contains raspberry and cranberry extracts to nourish and soften skin as well as antioxidant properties to keep skin looking healthy and radiant all day long. The Soothing Plant Extract formula contains active ingredients strong enough to help clear breakouts with the added benefit of skin-soothing properties for a gentle but effective daily cleanse.

Product Reviews

Hedgehog, Carseldine QLD


Very professionally presented product in an easy to use smart dispenser.. But thats not all!!

It is a joy to use really cleans the skin and can straight away can actually see a difference in skin and zits being dealt with, a good honest product that delivers!

cloot, Karalee QLD


I was lucky enough to rate this with my two teenage boys who are sufferers of acne etc. They love it. It's easy to use, with no mess and really works well. Especially for my 17 year old. His skin has begun clearing up already. I recommend this product and will definitely purchase the refills for it. It's got a permanent spot in our bathroom now.

Roslyn26, Dubbo NSW


great product! good clean skin and pimple free,just the right amount of facewash from dispenser,no waste.great for any age .

Jacky, Cleveland QLD


This product is exceeding my expectations. Not only is it an attractive dispenser & unbelievably practical the actual product dispensed is excellent. The perfecta wash smells great, feels good on skin and the result is cleaner skin. I also love that the exact amount you need is dispensed so theres little waste.

MinxyCass, Carlingford NSW


Wow, What a surprise this product was!! It was professional, easy, clean and oh my god didn't i just love the smell of the Wash.. so good you wanted to keep rewashing your face.. hehe
I have sensitive skin and my partner has oily skin, we used it daily and saw a remarkable difference in both our faces.
I will happily continue to buy and use this product. Delivers what it says!

Laura, East Kurrajong NSW


Love the fact you can wet you face without blindly hunting for the cleanser. The automatic dispenser is neat! I love the fruity wash; refreshes in the morning and at the end of a day. Would love some little scrubbing beads in the gel though - maybe a refill idea. Neat on the bathroom counter and a neat face after use for a week. Great product.