20 x Cases of BEET IT Juioe

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About The Product

This month, Australia welcomes BEET IT Juice down under; a deliciously different organic beetroot juice brimming with natural goodness. Keeping it simple when it comes to ingredients, BEET IT Juice contains 90% beetroot and 10% fresh apple juice, and fans can rest assured that BEET IT beetroots are free from fertilizers and pesticides.

Proven to improve cardiovascular health, keep illness and infection at bay and enhance sporting performance, it’s no surprise that the humble beetroot has been hailed THE superfood to watch out for. Boasting naturally high levels of Nitric Oxide (NO), BEET IT Juice harnesses the power of the beetroot to provide consumers with endless health benefits in a tasty and convenient form.

BEET IT products:

 Beet It 250ml beetroot juice $2.93 (RRP)

 Beet It 750ml beetroot juice $5.50 (RRP)

 Beet It 70ml stamina shot $3.23 (RRP)

For more information visit www.trialiafoods.com.au/beet-it and for stockists (03) 9701 1666

Product Reviews

Sara, Helensvale QLD


It was easy to drink and very sweet I was expecting a more earthy taste. Very nice on ice and refreshing a perfect summer drink

kayla09, Ormeau QLD


Great tasting and very refreshing drink. If drank often the health benefits would be amazing great drink.