20 x Books 'The New Facts of Life'

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About The Product

The fix-it sex book for women not interested in sex! (and everyone else)

Forget everything you know about sex, The New Facts of Life are what we all should have learnt from the beginning. Whether you're interested in sex or not, single or in a relationship, every woman will find a new way to enjoy their sexual desire and sex life.

Find out:

• Why it's pointless to seek medical advice before learning The New Facts of Life

• Why you should NEVER feel guilty about not wanting sex

• Why it's up to him to seduce you to want to have sex

• No psycho babble or anatomy lessons

• No hard work and dedication to the sex you're not even interested in

• No confronting or intimidating advice or exercises

• The history and effectiveness of FTO (Female Therapeutic Orgasm) as a physical and

mental health therapy

• Bad boy syndrome – why we are attracted to the bad boys

• How we can teach our children to develop a healthy attitude towards sex to help prevent

early sexualisation, unwanted pregnancies, disease and infection and dissatisfying sex lives

in adulthood.

Without a doubt, THE best investment you'll ever make in your relationship!

Product Reviews

Zoey Eyre, Dumbleyung WA


I was quite sceptic when I received this book thinking that I was not going to enjoy it and find it quite dull and repetitious of things I have already read or heard before. Was in fact quite surprised by the content of the book and actually read the whole thing in two days. I especially enjoyed the part of the book about teaching our children how to develop a healthy attitude towards sex to help prevent early sexualisation, unwanted pregnancies, disease and infection as I have a young daughter who is almost at the beginning of her teens and the thought of talking about this frightened me but after reading the book it actually gave me more confidence in "having the talk" with her. Would definitely recommend reading this book, especially to women.

Phillip13815, Mount Druitt NSW


I thought it was excellent, a really good read. I'm so glad I read it. Read it for yourself, you'll be glad that you did. I was glad. Ten out of ten as far as I am concerned.

Meleta, Para Hills SA


unfortunatley i have only just started reading this book as there was a dely in me receiving it. I am happy to leave a review in the future as soon as i have finished it Thanks

Flowers, Cherrybrook NSW


It was easy to read, simple and straightforward. It's nice to read a different perspective.

marketraider, Caboolture QLD


Very interesting and informative read, highly recommend to anyone in a relationship or not.

nicky53, Harrisville QLD


An excellent book but very difficult to review and describe. I think it should be given to all women to read, and it might help their partners as well! It is very thought provoking and I read it in small chunks and then had a good think about what I had just read. I agreed with the majority of it and it certainly made me re-assess about what it means to be a woman!

Antoinette32, Wagga Wagga NSW


This book is direct, informative and light. Usually I shy away from these sort of books because I have a misconception that they will be a heavy read, this book is the complete opposite. Every woman should read this book, I'm taking it to mums group.

Daniele, Manunda QLD


An interesting read, definitely not for everyone, but I am learning some interesting things.