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About The Product

Despite the slow economy it's never been easier to buy and sell property in Australia-if you have some loose change you can become a proud property owner or investor, that's the message from real estate expert Rick Otton, author of the new book, How To Buy a House For $1 ($24.95, We Buy Houses).

Under the current way of bank financing, many first time home buyers can’t afford to purchase a property, even with government grants and concessions. Sellers are unable to achieve their sales price as banks have pulled back on their lending, making it increasingly difficult to borrow.

In the new book, How to Buy a House For $1, author Rick Otton lays out proven strategies that solve these current problems, empowering buyers and sellers about alternative finance options that don’t involve banks. With over 20 years’ experience, Rick has bought hundreds of properties using these strategies that work for anyone - in any location (even cities) and any market cycle. So, if you’re like thousands of other Australians looking for a new way to build wealth through real estate without being limited by cash, credit or experience – this book is for you! For more information visit


Product Reviews

Tara155, Hampton Park VIC


This book was an easy and interesting read. The strategies are easily understandable and the real life stories are inspiring. As someone who has been wanting to buy a new property for some time but have been putting it in the 'too hard' basket, I now have a more refreshed approach towards my next purchase and would recommend this book to anyone looking to buy.

Wendy506, Broadwater WA


This book is easy to read with lots of examples and suggestions on how to buy a house if you don't fit into the old fashioned banking finance. I also liked how Rick thought about people who can't sell their home but need to and covered this in a separate chapter.

scarlettah, Collie WA


A very good read!Great book for any home buyer or investors alike. My friends are even wanting to read it! A+ Book

Billionaire, Park Holme SA


I have to admit, my husband and I have been looking at, and procrastinating about buying and selling properties for years. The what if something went wrong mentality, and it all blew up in our faces.

Around a week and a half before being advised that I would be reviewing this book, I attended a business conference, and made a more conscious decision to get involved in real estate - we wanted a better lifestyle, and a good income stream.

Initially, I found this book a little tedious - working through the initial issues that helped Rick Otton decide which option provided the best financial benefit/benefits to all relevant interested parties.

The book was easy to read and comprehend, and included some additional offers, and I received two tickets inviting me to register for, "How To Buy A House For A Dollar."

As at writing this, unfortunately, I could not see any current listings for the event in my capital city.

That stated, I will try to attend the next event in my closest capital city.

However, as at writing this, I could not find on the applicable registration page where in the capital cities that the events are taking place, or the start and finish time on the day.

Ann284, Kallangur QLD


Wow I’ve just finished this book and I’m oozing inspiration. I’m very excited to have been given this book to read. Both myself and my partner are ready to step out of the norm and try something different. I would recommend this book to anyone
That thinks they can’t buy or sell property especially if the banks have said no you might be quite surprised at the world of possibilities available.