20 x Billie Goat Soap Natural Zinc Sunscreen SPF 30 Tubes

About The Product

Billie Goat Soap Natural Zinc Sunscreen SPF 30 is the first natural zinc-based product with Goats milk in Australia.

Free from chemical absorbers, fragrance and other nasties, Billie Goat Soap Natural Zinc Sunscreen contains the soothing and moisturising properties of Aloe Vera - which calms and nourishes, Vitamin E and Calendula - which soothes and conditions, and is suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.

Billie Goat Soap Natural Zinc Sunscreen is lightweight and absorbs rapidly into the skin, with a non ‘ghosting’ effect, perfect for people on the go. This unique formulation provides broad spectrum protection from the sun, and is also water resistant while swimming and playing sports, for up to 4 hours.

Product Reviews

Liz2932, Highton VIC


Billie Goat Soap Zinc Sunscreen was a not too oily lotion, and lasted well outside in the spa. It offered great sun protection and was soothing on the skin

Michael1074, Deebing Heights QLD


So natural, you feel better just using it! Great protection, amazing coverage. Skin felt so soft, not greasy at all. Long wearing even after swimming in our pool, and after sweating. I have very sensitive skin, and it suited me wonderfully. This is a product I would highly recommend.

Mandy108, Ormeau QLD


I love this product....I have been blessed with a red headed, fair, freckles and blue eyed boy who as i'm sure you can imagine burns to a crisp in no time at all. I have to be very careful when choosing his sunscreens and this product was excellent, easy to apply, didn't wash off, no nasty smell, no sticky residue and best of all no sunburn. I will be certainly be purchasing this product again.

cridsy, North Lakes QLD


Wow what a great product. Easy to use and fantastic protection. Didn't stain or colour my clothes and was a really great product to use whilst out running and getting very sweaty. This product still provided the best protection from the suns harmful rays

Gagan Dev, St Ives NSW


Good product, lasts for quite a few hours. While absorbs well, takes time & leaves a ghosting effect.

Kim1678, Magnetic Island QLD


Firstly it said to apply liberally , well luck has it I just did my face because it took a good 10 minutes to rub in, I found it was so thick in texture not like a lotion at all more like zinc (the old style) so day one I didn't like very much,
Day 2 still only did face but put a much smaller amount about a 10 cent peice , rubbed in quite quickly and felt good, off to play golf, was very impressed with it ,at the end of my game face felt great,
On the tube you sent it said apply every 1-2hours I found that a bit funny on your blog it said every 4 hours that was about right so I feel you need to check this,
In saying all this I found the product to be quite effective ifor the far North Queensland summer weather, far better than other ranges that say they are for the tropics