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About The Product

The Rebound is a romantic comedy set in New York City about a 24-year-old man and his new neighbour, a

sexy 40-year-old mom, who catches more than just his eye.

Sandy's a beautiful, sexy mother of two, who's just turned forty. Living in the neat suburb of Sleepy Hollow,

she's mastered the art of multi-tasking; baking pies, cutting sandwiches, dropping her kids at school, taking

care of her fantasy sport's league. What appears to be a picture perfect world is shattered the morning she

discovers her husband cheating on her. Immediately she packs up her two kids and moves to New York City

to find a job and start a new life. There, she meets Aram Finkelstein, a sweet twenty four year-old college

graduate who's clearly at a low point in his life. He just found out his French wife of two weeks duped him

into marrying him for a green card. A romantic and optimist and now a recent divorcee, he's struggling to

keep his faith in the world.

Aram works two jobs in a Women's Centre and as a Barista in the coffee shop below the apartment Sandy's

renting. They strike up an easy friendship. When Sandy gets hired at a New York sport's network, she asks

Aram to babysit her kids. He takes her up on the offer. After all, he has no career, few friends and spends too

much time hanging out with his overly concerned parents.

At work, Sandy's career blossoms and she's offered a promotion. Her best friend encourages her to

startdating again but after one disastrous night she firmly believes her dating days are over. Meanwhile Aram

becomes an increasingly bigger part of their lives. He's fun to be with and her kids love him. Very quickly a

makeshift family forms and even though there's a list of reasons they shouldn't be together, they fall in love.

Sandy and Aram meet with resistance to their new relationship from friends and family alike and they both

have to figure out if what they have found is something that is just fun for now or if it could last forever.