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About The Product

Mummahh is all about looking after new and expectant mums. Pregnancy and birth is a wonderful yet sometimes overwhelming time, especially for first time mums and dads. Mummahh offers a range of packs for birth, hospital and home to make things easier and let you concentrate on enjoying this amazing experience.

Mummahh’s pre packed hospital and maternity bags are full of practical items and information for the delivery room, your hospital stay and the ongoing care you require when you get home. There are also some luxurious products to give you the pampering you deserve. Mummahh packs are made by mums for mums.

Mummahh packs are a convenient addition to what you may have already packed for hospital. Great for dad who can get all the things mum needs in one convenient pack. Our packs make great gifts for new mums as they are full of items they actual need.

Mummahh stocks a great range of products to help mums (and dads!). We have fantastic products to help with breastfeeding and keeping track of baby’s routine.

With so many baby accessories and products we thought it was time someone started looking after mum! Visit www.mummahh.com.au to see our full range.

Product Reviews

Craig, Mount Helena WA


Gotta LOVE Mummahh!!

Mummahh has thought of it all and more! All the stuff you'll need and things you didn't know you'll need all in one fabulous pack!
As a Mum of 2, I remember the rush to get my hospital things together, even Hubby had to make up a bag and both times we missed so many things, hair brush, toothbrush and even clean undies to name a few! But with baby number 3 on his way, Mummahh has ensured that I will have everything I could need and a few extras that will make my time in hospital that much more comfortable... and I CAN'T WAIT!
Mummahh packs include toiletries, underwear (I'll never be without fresh, clean undies in hospital again!), hair accessories (which I need and always forget!), special oils for a relaxing bath, Epson salts to help with the healing (how thoughtful!), the absolutely essential maternity pads (I can never have enough!), breast pads (essential!), nipple cream (lifesaver!), heaps of information for new Mums and much more, they even include some yummy chocolates and a laundry bag!

Everything comes beautifully packed in a handy reusable bag that will fit nicely in anyone's hospital bag.

If you want to get a gift for your Mummy-to-be, give her some special Mummahh love, every item in a Mummahh pack makes a new Mum feel as though someone is thinking of her and knows her special needs, which is so much better than a truck load of flowers!

barbara130786, Oak Park/melbourne VIC


This product seems very good for the new Mum, It has so many items that we Mum's will need. They are quality products and do a good job.