2 x TOPFIELD PVR'S valued at $499 each!

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About The Product

Putting an end to lounge room arguments over who gets to watch what, the TRF-2470 is the latest Personal Video Recorder (PVR) to be released by premium electronic entertainment specialist TOPFIELD, and is a must-have for happy family TV viewing.

In an effort to ensure nobody misses out on their favourite show, the machine offers series recording, copious memory thanks to a 1 terabyte internal hard drive, and market leading Quad Recording technology, meaning that the TOPFIELD is able to record up to four programs simultaneously. And as this is the first model in the TOPFIELD family to incorporate catch-up TV with ABC iView built in, families will be spoilt for choice.

The TRF-2470 has a number of other smart features including wireless local area network connectivity and additional USB support which enables easy connection to other large storage devices.

The machine is fast loading, fast operating and easy to navigate. Built-in video, photo, and music players, as well as Flickr, Google Weather, SHOUTcast, and YouTube all pre-installed make it easier to access some of your favourite online destinations through your lounge room big screen.

The TRF-2470 is available exclusively via The Good Guys and sold at an RRP of $499.

Product Reviews

Deborah111, Agnes Water QLD


I am loving every minute of the Topfield box as i can watch a programe and when record the other. I would recommend this product to all my friends. USB is also good as i have had a lot of movies to watch and never got round to it. I watch from my comptur with the USB now i can watch from my tv and in comfort. The wireless connection is great as well. Downlaods of all the pictures easy access to eveything on the Topfield loving it.