2 x Spectablend Blenders

About The Product

Quick, convenient and super healthy. Australians now have a value for money alternative when it comes to the trusty kitchen blender. Each Spectablend blender can blend, grind, puree, cut, mash, make hot soup and even ice cream thanks to the friction-based motor.

Our heavy duty BL-001 blenders are 1500 watts, which is double what other blenders on the market are. The stainless steal blade with steel ball bearing and BPA-free jug ensure the highest quality machine, inspired by commercial appliances.

Spectablend blenders are a positive investment towards your health. Eating a healthy diet helps your body fight against cancer, diabetes and heart disease. 

Our Spectablend blenders are perfect for raw foodists, fruitarians, vegetarians, vegans, weight management enthusiasts, exercise nuts, juicers, feasting-fasting-followers, and protein muscle builders. Whichever category you fall under, Spectablend has a blend for you.

Our blenders come in three different colours, white, red and black. Their sleek and modern design will look effortless on any kitchen bench. 


Product Reviews

bear12, Golden Grove SA


great product very well made easy to use awesome quality very heavy duty blender

Bazza, Kilcoy QLD


The Spectablend does a good job for a blender. I have trialled it by making smoothies and soup. Some of its features are:

- A heavy base which makes it quite stable and not movement when blending but does make it an inconvenience to move too often.
- The lid fits on tightly meaning there is not splashing or leakage unfortunately this also means it is hard to add ingredients after the initial ones are added.
- The blades are sharp and there are variable power settings making it good for most jobs. There is a pulse button that would be good for crushing ice.
- You cannot dishwasher the jug and while it is not hard to clean the sharp blades do make it awkward.

While there are some pros and cons to this device it does its job well and was able to perform to the standard I would expect of a blender.