2 x Sony Bloggie Touch Cameras

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About The Product

Are you one of those people guilty of taking lots of videos of fun celebrations and parties but never get around to uploading them and sharing with the family? Now you can make it possible with Sony’s new Bloggie Touch camera! Sony Australia is offering two Lifestyle You readers the chance to win the latest pocketsize Bloggie Touch camera available in four colours of pink, blue, silver and black. Featuring a three inch LCD touch screen, 8GB of flash memory and built-in Bloggie software, you can capture up to 4 hours of Full HD recording and high quality 12.8 megapixel photos, then simply upload to popular sites such as YouTube™ and Facebook™. The accompanying Bloggie software allows you to easily pre-select images and videos from the camera before instantly uploading to your favourite social media channels in just a few seconds, when connected to a computer.

The Bloggie Touch camera also boasts an impressive battery life offering 110 minutes of continuous recording and built-in USB arm for quick movie upload and simple on-the-go USB charging.

With its stylish minimalistic design and sleek brushed metallic finish, the new Bloggie Touch is sure to turn heads as well as ensure that precious moments are always caught on camera.

For further information visit: www.sony.com.au

Product Reviews

Desiree, Narrabeen NSW


Well, what can I say...WOW!
I will start with the negatives to this camera, because lets face it, there are not many so it wont take long. The camera has no flash. Whilst it still manages to take amazing quality photos at night so long as there is lighting involved, you are very limited in dark situations like clubs and general outside at night. The screen does smudge very easily so I found I was continuously cleaning it.

Now for the parts I love. This camera is amazing. It does absolutely everything. The quality of the photos are better than any camera I have had before. Its very easy to find your way around the functions as everything you need is on the screen. Very much like the iphones, infact most people mistake it for a phone. When you aim the camera at something to shoot, you can see the camera working to adjust light and focus all by itself. The quality even in low light and inside situations is phenomenal.

One of the most amazing features is that you simply push one button to start the camera filming, so no scrolling through functions to switch the setting to video. AND, best of all, you can take still photos at the same time you are filming. Jut push the photo button and snap away whilst you are still recording. The camera stores both the film AND the photos for you to sort out later.

But wait, the best is yet to come. You can scroll through your photos on the camera and tag the ones you want to put together in albums and you can also nominate the social media you wish to upload to when the camera plugs into the pc. So no more searching for photos when you get on facebook. Just do it on the camera and forget about it. Then when you get around to pluging in the camera to save your photos on you pc, it sort everything out for you. Once I plugged in the camera, it asked if I still wanted to upload the photos to facebook and even asked what I wanted the album titled as. Once I gave it a title, the little bloggie went to work and sorted it all out for me. You can also sort out your photos into albums through the bloggie software on your pc.

Now, I am so far from being a tech head, as far as I am concearned a camera is designed to point and shoot. But I am so excited about this concept, I would highly recommend this to everyone I speak to as the next generation of camera. A definate MUST