2 x Solvej Baby Toddler Swings

About The Product

The Solvej Baby Toddler Swing is designed to be pleasing to the eye with emphasis on safety and functionality. Suitable for ages from approximately 6 months to 6 years, for indoors and out it is skilfully crafted with top quality materials. Combining old tradition and new technology the best suited materials are used; sustainably milled naturally durable wood, top quality outdoor furniture canvas, high performance marine braid, stainless steel fittings. Closed spring loaded hooks making it very easy to shift. It easily converts from a baby to toddler swing and therefore is suitable for children of a wide age range. Classic Taupe is a timeless colour that complements any home and garden environment. The Vintage Accessories, a matching cushion and little owl rope hugger add fun and functionality to the swing. The little owl wraps around the rope of  the swing, as the cushion provides added style, comfort and support to the baby either cushioned around them or domed over the front bar. The cushion with its cute cut-out owl silhouetted against the moon has a cotton outer and polyester inner.


Product Reviews

Johanne2, Currans Hill NSW


Love this swing! Great natural look, looks and feels like a quality product. It will grow with bub so looking forward to years of use. Great inclusion of the cushion for baby's comfort, something I haven't seen in similar products.