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About The Product

Here’s your chance to win a very sexy pair of boots! We’re giving two lucky winners a pair of Chain Red Patent Leather Wide-Calf Boots, valued at $395 each, thanks to Bennetts Boots.

The Chain Red Patent Leather Boots are definitely Bennetts Boots’ sexiest style, and are for the courageous and curvaceous ladies of the world. Everyone will notice the confident women wearing these boots.

Women all over the country have been attempting to squeeze, push and shove their curvy calves into narrow boots for far too long. Independent research shows that up to 62 per cent of Australian women between the ages of 15 and 55 have trouble, or know a friend who has trouble, finding boots that fit around their calves.

Finally, Bennetts Boots have what Australian women have been searching for, sexy and stylish wide-calf boots. Now women can choose from the largest collection of fashionable wide calf boots available in the entire world!

Bennetts Boots are currently the only wide-calf boot specialists in Australia. Up until now, women have had to buy online from the US or UK, or have them made to order, which can be extremely expensive. Now every woman in Australia can access fashion that fits, looks fantastic and makes them feel even better!

Product Reviews

Anastazia, Golden Grove SA


These boots are amazingly comfortable wear while looking stylish and fitting in with most things in my wardrobe! The shape of the boot moulded to my feet perfectly and the width of the calf area was amazing! Could finally fit a pair of jeans inside my boots for the first time! I have rather solid calves due to immense amount of weight training and aerobics classes and to have a boot that not only fit me perfectly but looked like they were made for me was fantastic. The colour is stunning and looked amazing with my jeans, with a little black dress or even with just some leggings and a light jumper. They really vamped up my entire wardrobe. I normally find with boots that the ball of the foot can sometimes get very sore or my heel hurts but my entire foot felt comfortable and well supported in the boot. I would definitely buy a pair of these boots!