2 x Rexel Auto+ 100 Personal Shredders

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About The Product

The result of extensive consumer insight, the über efficient Rexel Auto+ 100 is the dream machine – the perfect personal shredder. The Rexel AUTO+ 100 is the only shredder of its kind in Australia to shred 100 sheets of paper in one go!Simply pop open the lid, place paper inside, close the lid, walk away and let the machine do all the shredding automatically for you. No need to feed it sheet by sheet or even break down a stack of paper into smaller batches. No need to watch it, in case it jams. Not even any need to extract paper clips and staples – this shredder tackles the lot. Credit cards? - A piece of cake. And definitely no need to worry about security – the Auto+ 100 leaves only tiny confetti-cut pieces.

Just think what else you can do with the time? Don’t pay thousands for this shredding technology, this shredder is priced from an unbelievably low $299. Available from Officeworks, specialist shredder resellers and your local office product/stationery supplier.

Visit www.acco.com.au/auto100 for more information or for your nearest stockist details.

Product Reviews

Richard80, Forest Lake QLD


I've had shredders before but this product is the "Creme de la Creme" of shredders.

I Wouldn't recommend anything else after using Rexel.

Fantastic product for home use and a small businesses.

Thank you so much Rexel FANTASTIC PRODUCT