2 x Philips PerfectCare Irons valued at $599 each

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About The Product

The Philips PerfectCare is a revolutionary steam generator that paves the way to a new age in garment care. The first of its kind to use new ‘Optimal Temp’ technology, created by Philips, PerfectCare maintains the perfect combination of temperature and steam to deliver performance that’s not only easier, but gentler on all ironable materials, and faster than any other steam generator. The Philips PerfectCare is 100 per cent safe and effective on all fabrics such as silk, wool and synthetics, and has been tested independently by three leading fabric and clothing institutes including Woolmark – with great results. This also means time saved – no need to pre-sort clothes or to change temperature settings, and the ability to go from linen to silk to cotton to cashmere without waiting. It even uses 10 per cent less energy than a conventional steam generator and is fixed with a 1.5 litre detachable water tank which provides up to two hours of ironing without a refill. The Philips PerfectCare will be available at leading retailers from 1 September.

Product Reviews

Leighbonello, Englorie Park NSW


This iron is a lifesaver having recently had a carpel tunnel operation on each hand I have no strength and wasn't able to use pressure to get creases out with my old iron. The steam iron needs no pressure and just glides over everything leaving work uniforms, jeans etc without a crease or wrinkle in sight. The clothes look professionally ironed better than my expensive old iron could ever do. Only problem is now I don't have an excuse as to why I can't iron my family of sevens clothes. But secretly I can't wait for the washing to dry so that I can get my new steam iron out and play with it, I'm like a big kid with a new toy. Thank you for this wonderful gift that truly has been a lifesaver. My son came home from work, he was put on the spot to do a woolies commercial throughout the day, when he told me, the first thing I thought of was I hope his uniform was pressed properly and then I remembered my new iron and I relaxed because I knew my son had looked perfect. I highly recommend every family has one in their house because you never knew whats going to happen through the course of the day and as mothers we hate to be embarrassed if out family are caught out looking sloppy. Thank you so much from Mum of 5 for making my life easier and making my look forward to ironing, must go think washing might be dry now.

Linda, Burleigh Heads QLD


I use to hate ironing but not anymore, philips have taken the hassel out and maded ironing quick and easy, no need to worry about ruining fabrics or temperatures its almost idiot proof. I cut my ironing time down to just a few minutes with perfect results every time.