2 x ORLY Professional Nail Care SmartGEL Kits

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About The Product

ORLY Professional Nail Care’s innovative new at home gel manicure system means you can now achieve a salon quality gel manicure for a fraction of the price you pay in a salon (just over $10*).

If time is of the essence, worry no more. It takes less than 20 minutes to complete a smartGELS manicure, leaving you to enjoy high-shine, chip-free nails for up to three weeks.

The revolutionary system features:

• A 39 bulb LED light with a timer for extra fast curing

• A Starter Kit which contains the items required for application and removal, including; a primer, base+top coat, remover and tools

• smartGELS colours

There are 12 smartGELS shades to chose from (of which reviewers will receive three colours), which ORLY have matched to its top selling shades of nail lacquer, allowing you to perfectly match your manicure with your pedicure, or touch up re-growth in between manicures. So whether you prefer shimmer, vibrant pink and blue, deep red and purple or creamy neutrals, there is a shade for every taste.

But if you like to change colours every week, there is no need to remove and re-do your manicure. Simply paint over the gel with any regular nail lacquer for an instant colour change, with no damage to the gel upon removal.

* Total figure $11.33. The usage is calculated on the cost of purchasing one LED light ($99.95), one Starter Kit ($79.95) and one smartGELS colour ($23.95 each). Minimum usage of the smartGELS colour is 18 uses.

Product Reviews

Amy632, Harrison ACT


Wow...I LOVE this product!
I am one of those people that loves having their nails done. I very rarely have no polish on my nails. But what frustrates me is that after even just an hour of doing my nails, I either smudge my polish or have a chip!
Well with the Orly SmartGel kit, those days are over!
It was really easy to use, and once you do it one, the steps are easy to remember.
The colours are great and rich, and super fun.
But I think the thing I love about this the most, is that once you are done, there is NO DRYING TIME! Which means no chance of me smudging my colour!
And the manicure lasts over 2 weeks, which for me is fantastic, because I just dont have time to do my nails every day. Love Love Love!