2 x OnePiece Jumpsuits

About The Product

OnePiece is an attitude, a unique lifestyle leisurewear brand, it's a style and it's a fashion. It’s an active choice of wearing your sweat pants to the party and still be the most stylish person in the room. It is the original Norwegian onesie, the coolness of being careless.

OnePiece is a phenomenon within itself. Selling the ultimate chill-out wear for the self proclaimed slackers of the world. Three Norwegians in their twenties fantasized about the perfect outfit for a lazy day at home.  The OnePiece was born in 2007, and became a huge trend in Scandinavia in 2010, now catching on in the rest of the world; Kate Moss, David Beckham, Jude Law, Sadie Frost, P-Diddy, Justin Bieber, Ed Westwick, Kylie Jenner, One Direction, Pip Edwards are just some of the celebrities who have embraced the OnePiece. 

The fact that the clothing is also extremely comfortable also attributed to the versatility of the jumpsuits and why the brand has gained such a foothold within country after country.

OnePiece has caught the attention of many around the word, with over 1.1million Facebook fans and a HUGE celebrity following, OnePiece™ is making its mark in fashion.

Product Reviews

Jess431, Sandringham VIC


Okay so when I received this onesie I did not expect it to be SO well made. What first struck me when I opened it was how well put together it was. The zipper is super easy which is great as a couple I've used have sticky zips or buttons. As for the pattern, just as an aside, not too girly or boyish so it was perfect for me. I pretty much wore it for two weeks straight as soon as I got home from work and it was no joke the most comfortable thing I have ever had on my body. I love it to bits. My other onesies have been relegated to my closet. It's warm enough to act as pjs AND a blanket but not overheating warm. The size was perfect. As far as complaints go I honestly can't think of one. I'm so glad I was chosen to review because I would have never known this fantastic product otherwise. I have since bought one for my sister for her birthday and she also loves it! I haven't washed it as of yet so I can't say how it holds up in the wash, but I, hopeful for the best as it's a very sturdy material. It's a really great brand for young adults to older 20s because it's not as "childish" as the animal based onesies. I love mine to death and have no ill words about it.

Caitlin291, Galston NSW


Such a great quality jumpsuit! So warm and comfortable! I don't really like the second zipper hanging between my legs so I just tuck it inside to hide it. But made with quality materials, I know this will last a long time. My new favourite winter outfit around home.