2 x MBT Tunisha Red Shoes

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About The Product

With so much to do each day and so little time, we are often looking for ways to get the most out of the walking we do during daily activities. An essential part of this is wearing the correct shoes. MBTs are the original and best functional footwear on the market offering a range of scientifically proven benefits to enhance the body.

The new MBT model ‘Tunisha Red’ are stylishly designed for both work and casual wear. They have a full-grain red leather upper that breathes and an adjustable ankle buckle for a secure fit. Whether going to work or having coffee with friends on the weekend, the Tunisha Red will complement any outfit.

MBT Footwear is designed on the principle of Masai curved-sole technology. Due to the slight imbalance caused by the curved sole, MBTs exercise back and leg muscles that are not normally active, and improve blood circulation even when you are standing still. This stretching and toning of leg muscles means just wearing MBTs gives you a workout.

Product Reviews

nicole, Lavington NSW


As soon as I put them on there was comfort. I thought I would have trouble but they felt so natural. I didnt want to take them off. Maybe some more neutral colours would be great for summer wear. Would go up a size in them though as they seem like a small make.