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About The Product

Shark Dive Xtreme offers something for all levels of divers - from the introductory dive which includes a training pool session, to a Certified Program which includes a shark awareness brief and a Scuba Tune Up for qualified divers.

No diving experience needed! All equipment is provided, therefore, all you will need is your swimming costume and some steady nerves! All divers receive a certificate to remember their experience and photos are available from Oceanworld upon completion of the dive.

Shark Dive Xtreme prices

Introductory Dive - $250

Scuba Tune Up Dive - $220

Certified Divers - $185

This month is Shark Month at Oceanworld visit www.oceanworld.com.au

Please note: Reviewers must live near or be willing to travel to Manly, NSW to be eligible.

Product Reviews

Kerry, Loftus NSW


With my friends calling me shark bait all week I was getting a little nervous
about diving with the Sharks. I hadn’t been diving since 1995, which added to
my fears. As soon as my husband and I arrived at Manly Oceanworld the friendly staff reassured us we would be completely fine. After watching a short
Training DVD with jaws music (so not funny) Nick our diving instructor kitted us up and took us to the training pool. The training was very quick and efficient and before I knew it we were in the shark tank. The air tanks have 2 hours of air and I was assured I would not run out.

The experience was so amazing even for my husband who free dives every weekend just being so close to these awesome creatures. I was happy for the stingrays and turtles to come close but I noticed my breathing increased if Nick pointed out a shark was right next to me.

The dive (walk along the bottom no swimming required) lasted for 30 minutes. It was the perfect amount of time to see everything and even with the thick wetsuits the water was only 17 degrees Brrrrr. We were given the T signal by Nick that it was time, to head back. It went so fast as I really was enjoying myself, even if I did squeeze my husband hand really hard a fair few times.

As we got out of the tank a massive sea turtle swam up to us as if to say good bye.
Once back on the surface my husband and I had big smiles on our faces. I think he was a little bit proud of me not freaking out and he also enjoyed every minute.

After a nice hot shower we went up to few the pictures that were taken of us which of course we had to buy the whole set and DVD. Its not every day you get to dive with sharks together.

I would highly recommend this to anyone even if you are a little afraid of the ocean. I have a new sense of confidence and wont wait another 15 years to go diving again.

10/10 from me and my husband a great experience to share together

Thank you lifestyle you for this awesome opportunity.