2 x Lyndey Milan Brilliant Cut Sets

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About The Product

Much loved food and wine personality Lyndey Milan worked with master Japanese craftsmen to create the Brilliant Cut Knife, a knife with incredible sharpness, durability and cutting prowess. The world-first 19cm alloy blade combines diamonds for strength, silver for anti-bacterial properties, ceramic for sharpness and titanium for flexibility and resistance to corrosion. It will remain sharp up to 45 times longer than steel and is comfortable, lightweight and dishwasher safe. It is the only knife you’ll ever need to tackle all kitchen jobs such as slicing, chopping, shredding and dicing with ease and precision. No steel means no oxidation so basil and lettuce won’t discolour and the sharp blade means onions won’t cause unnecessary tears.

“My professional life is focussed on empowering the home cook. Too many of them have blunt knives because they don’t know how to sharpen them. I want cooking to be easy and fun. I tested this knife for over 12 months and am very proud to put my name to it. I love using it for everything – it doesn’t let me down, staying sharp much longer than my steel knives – and that’s because it contains diamonds – something every girl loves – though men will love the technical aspects too!”, said Lyndey Milan.


Product Reviews

Tamara, Healy QLD


I was skeptical of the knife due to having bought other knives which claimed to be the same or similar to the Lyndey Milan Brilliant Cut Knife however, was extremely pleasantly surprised by this knife and how easy, light weight and sharp it is. Cutting through chicken and other meats with no effort at all, it was so easy. I definitely recommend this product to anyone who is thinking of investing in something worthwhile for their kitchen.