2 x LockSmart Keyless Bluetooth Padlocks

About The Product

Dog & Bone’s LockSmart, a new patented-first keyless Bluetooth padlock is more than a lock.

Using a mobile device, open and manage multiple padlocks through the one app without any physical keys to carry around nor to lose.

Share ‘virtual keys’ instantly. You could be holidaying overseas, yet give your gardener instant access to your home gate– no keys to cut nor physically hand over. Track your lock’s use in the app–see who has opened your lock and when, and revoke shared access instantly as you choose.

For sheds, gates, cabinets, bikes, lockers and more. No more keys! LockSmart bestows trackable keyless security. www.dogandbonecases.com

Product Reviews

Margaret193, Grenfell NSW


As soon as I recieved this my son in law said how very handy.He quickly loaded the app to his phone and it is njow busy protecting the toolbox on his ute.
Best thing he can't loose the keys and it deters thieves.
Thank you so much for this innovative product