2 x Liquido Active Fitness Wear Packs

About The Product

International and coveted active wear brand, Liquido Active has launched an exclusive new line of stylish, socially conscious and inspirational fitness wear: the ‘I Wear’ collection.

Comprised of fourteen printed tank tops and seven patterned leggings, the I Wear collection aims to transcend how we look in clothing, to become more aware of how the clothing we wear makes us feel.

This limited edition collection was conceptualised and designed by Facchini and the Liquido team in response to a growing demand for robust and functional fitness wear that highlights the confidence of women everywhere.

Each tank top is made of the highest quality Peruvian Pima Cotton and is available in black or white and features on of the following prints: I Wear Adventure, I Wear Gratitude, I Wear Kindness, I Wear Love, I Wear Grace, I Wear Strength or I Wear Light.

Patterned leggings are made with Active LYCRA™ fibre technology that is buttery soft, offers the perfect stretch and provides 50+ UVA/UVB protection. Leggings are available in: Float Like A Butterfly, Fiji, Watercolour Feathers, Venice, Peacock Lyrics, Marrakesh and Misty Morning. 

New Limited Edition prints are released throughout the year and all production processes are sweatshop-free. 

Product Reviews

Libby72, Ridgehaven SA


I was given the opportunity to try a liquido active top and leggings. I was impressed with the quality of the material. The top was super soft, comfortable and looked good. the leggings were very comfortable and didn't have any scratchy tags or uncomfortable stitching which you see too often on fitness wear. Not only were the clothes comfortable, they also fold up to a tiny size, which makes them perfectly compact to pack in my gym bag. The leggings didn't fall down as I was running and the top didn't bunch or cling. Overall I was very impressed and would recommend them to friends who favour comfort while exercising.